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Waiting for online recruiter to return to you with careers advice

Why aren’t recruitment managers calling you back?

Looking for work is frustrating on a number of fronts. You feel like you’re doing everything in your power to find a job, asking and applying almost anywhere you can. And then it’s extra frustrating when you send off an application and in return, hear nothing…not even a call...

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Online recruitment companies usually don't bother with zero hours contracts

Zero-hours contracts: the key to recovery?

Some good news to start your weekend – unemployment in the UK is falling, and the economy is picking up. In fact, we regularly see headlines that tell us how unemployment is dropping. But this may not be quite the same thing as more people getting into permanent, well-paying...

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We're not currently recruiting online for this position.

How to do what you love (and get paid for it)

There’s a saying about careers: “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Sentiments to that effect have been trotted out by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and have even been attributed to Confucius. They make it sound so easy – just take your passion,...

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Sad about job interview having not taken interview advice

The 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong In Job Interviews

Many people find job interviews the hardest part of the job hunting process. While it can be difficult talking to a stranger about why you are the best person they will be able to find for the role, it is usually vital that you succeed in this respect. The...

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Corus fun office

4 of the top offices to work in

You spend about a third of your time at work, so it’s crucial that the office is a comfortable and enjoyable place to be. Some offices though are clearly more pleasing than others. Those responsible for designing an office environment often find themselves torn between spending more for happier...

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sandy beach

How can your company stay productive over the summer holidays?

If it’s not here already, we’re definitely nearing the time of year when it seems everyone wants time off. Many HR departments struggle to grant everyone’s holiday time and departments may be left understaffed for days at a time. And even aside from taking time off, it sometimes seems...

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charity collection

Could volunteering help you find your next job?

When you’re looking for job opportunities, it’s vital that you’re able to draw on something that will help you stand out from the crowd. If you have a special skill or area of expertise, that could be all you need. But if you lack these things, you’ll want to...

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Showing off tn

On your bike! Our successful charity event crosses finish line

Poulpe bleu! Our fab “Get on the bike for charity” event has wrapped up, having raised £355.10 for our chosen three causes! Bliss, Yorkshire Cancer Research and MS Society are charities we support throughout the year, and they will be receiving the money to help advance the great work they’re...

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keeping calm

How does the new flexible working legislation affect your company?

The introduction this week of the right of employees to request flexible working hours has been met with approval from workers and unions. But what does it mean for the employers and HR departments that this measure has come into effect? First, a quick rundown: Since Monday, all staff...

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finding work online

4 tips for using social media while job hunting

Most of us would prefer to keep our work and personal lives separate. When you’re working, or looking for a job, the aim is generally to present yourself more professionally than when you’re out with your friends or even just sitting around at home. Social media sites such as...

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