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Recruiting youth: Would you employ someone who just passed their GCSEs?

It’s at around this time of year that masses of school and university graduates enter the job market. Employers looking for newly qualified young people are positively spoilt for choice, and yet young people remain among the most underemployed groups in the workforce. Many employers tend to view young...

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Employee perks

The top 5 employment perks

When it comes to rewarding employees, salary is not everything. Workplaces are expected to offer certain perks to make working there just a little more enjoyable, and these little bonuses can range from free food to domestic cleaning services. Staff are often willing to accept lower salaries in return...

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transferable skills

Do employers know about your transferable skills?

A major obstacle for young people seeking work is that of not having much experience. It’s a common problem – you can’t get a job without experience, but how can you get experience without having a job? When you find yourself in this situation you have a few options,...

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No response to job ad

What if no-one’s responding to your job ad

After a rough few years, more and more people are finally taking up work…so it’s easy to believe that simply posting an ad is enough to get jobseekers beating a path to your door. Many employers are therefore surprised to find that after they took the time to write...

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mobile online recruitment

How mobile has affected the recruitment process

The growing importance of mobile devices in web browsing can hardly be overstated. Blue Octopus has seen this trend play out – according to our analytics, almost 20% of our hits are from mobile devices as well – the top platforms being Apple’s iPad (34.08%) and iPhone (32.92%), and...

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Didn't follow interview tips

How do you recover after the job interview from hell?

In these uncertain times, it can be hard for people out of work to even get a job interview. That makes it especially hard to deal with when you walk out of the interviewer’s office afterwards, certain that you’ve well and truly blown it. Yes, sometimes an interview just...

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Wolf of wall street

Interview Tips: Hiring your very own sales wolf!

The UK is now showing really healthy economic growth. Some industries such as retail are showing amazing progress, in fact April saw retail hit a 10 year high. Other industries such as construction are also surprising showing excellent growth, the construction sector grew by 1.5% in the first quarter...

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Octo House

We have moved into Octo House!

In May 2014 team Blue Octopus moved into our new head office, right in the centre of Otley (Octo house). Now let’s take a few moments to have a light hearted look back, to see what it took to get the company to this stage…  

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Phone interview advice

How to nail the phone interview

If job interviews are challenging, phone interviews are often doubly so. Many people find it especially hard to make a good first impression to someone they can’t see and it’s often hard to know what will be expected ahead of time. Fortunately, telephone interviews don’t need to be all...

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Online recruitment new employee does not fit

When the “best” candidate is not the right one

When you interview candidates for a role in your organisation, you will always want to find the best one. The problem is that defining what makes a person the “best” is sometimes a tricky business. Often, a candidate will look great on paper – they have the most experience...

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