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How to scare away top talent

If you find that fewer top candidates are responding to your job ads, you might be scaring them away. This Halloween is a great time to think about whether your application procedure is more trick than treat, or whether candidates take one look at your job adverts and get...

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top careers interview advice

4 weird interview tips (that might just get you the job)

You’ve probably heard all kinds of interview advice over the years aimed at helping you get a job. We’ve blogged a lot on the topic, but even when you follow all the advice, unfortunately, it’s still not always enough and you have to reconsider your tactics. When the standard...

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Not qualified for job

How to apply for a job you’re not qualified for

Sometimes your job hunt leads you to the perfect role…that just happens to be above your level. Maybe it calls for one or two skills that you don’t have yet, or you believe the knowledge of a field makes up for a lack of experience. If you sincerely think...

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write a cv

Writing a CV when you’ve got no work experience

Everyone knows that to get a job, you need among many other things, a strong CV. Your CV will be a rundown of all your work skills and experience, but what if you don’t have a lot or any work experience to speak of? It’s a problem that most...

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career advancement promotion

How to turn a good employee into a great one

Something that the very best companies have in common is that they see the value in nurturing and training their employees. This is sometimes taken to mean merely taking an entry-level employee and training them up to be a good team member. This is a great strategy for the...

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recruiting waiters jobs

6 of the hardest roles to recruit for

Just as some jobs are easier to do than others, some are easier to recruit for than others. Picking someone to work in a role is a hard job in itself, as so much rests on the final decision and the perfect candidate, with all the skills and experience...

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walk out of job interview

3 reasons to walk out of a job interview

Most of us have had bad job interviews – some are actually downright horrible. But don’t you have to sit through each and every one, no matter what? Not necessarily – if you strongly feel an interview is a waste of your time, you have the option of excusing...

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How to persuade an uninterested candidate

Job interviews are often thought of as being a one-sided negotiation, in which the applicant must persuade the recruiter that they are the one to fill the role. This myth persists among both candidates and employers, and while to an extent it does describe the process by which a...

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Octo Recruitment Technology

PR: Octo Recruitment Technology Is Here!

Yorkshire-based online recruitment company Blue Octopus has now launched its web-based end-to-end recruitment technology ‘Octo’. Octo enables companies to have total control of their vacancies leading to better hires and a more streamlined recruitment experience. Octo is an advanced candidate management system that provides a range of tools for...

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Are there glaring errors in your CV?

Your CV is the backbone of your job application – the thing that will do the most to answer the question “why are you right for this job?” Job applicants should do what they can to make sure their CV is as good as it can be, and yet...

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