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4 reasons to go paperless in your HR department

As Yorkshire’s top online recruitment company, we’re big believers in the principle that online is always better. When you carry on your work on computers and devices, in nearly every case you’ll find it gets done better, cheaper, faster and more efficiently. So while we tell our clients that...

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Why you should list salary on your job ads

Job seekers always find it helpful to know how much a job pays before they apply. So why do employers and recruiters so often neglect to mention a figure in the advert? There are all kinds of reasons an employer might want to withhold that information; perhaps they want...

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award for recruitment technology

What it takes to create an award-winning service

We’re proud first and foremost of the service we deliver for our clients – Blue Octopus places over a thousand candidates every year and we have an excellent rate of renewal among our clients. You don’t just have to take our word for it however, as there’s a collection...

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serving your recruitment needs

How does an ATS serve your recruitment needs?

One of the most challenging parts of recruitment can be keeping track of all the applications and roles that you’re supposed to be dealing with. It’s all too easy to get snowed under – that is, if you’re not a machine or failing that, if you’ve not got the...

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fruit treats at work

Getting your staff over the January blues

By now, almost all of us are back to work after the Christmas and New Year break. With our resolutions already broken and the cold dark mornings still continuing, you’ll probably find that some of your staff aren’t quite able to enter back in the spirit of work. Far...

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Why do over 80% of our clients renew?

  Now that we’ve been in the business for over five years, we can safely say we’ve attained some success. The Yorkshire online recruitment company Blue Octopus has placed thousands of people in work, registered half a million candidates and consistently smashed its own sales targets. We think one of...

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“Place a candidate, make a charity donation” reaches milestone!

Blue Octopus is continuing its long-running donation scheme, having surpassed over £3,000 given to date! For over two years, we have donated to charitable causes for each successful placement we make. Our three chosen charities (Yorkshire Cancer Research, Bliss and the MS Society) receive equal shares at the end of each...

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recruitment in the new year 2015

Your recruitment New Year’s Resolutions

Now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are behind us, most of us are looking forward to making a big difference in our lives for 2015. You may have a new year’s resolution – maybe you want to get in shape or drink less – but do you have...

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recruitment or business santa

Why Christmas is such an important time for recruitment

Recruitment experts know all about the “seasonal slowdown” that happens around this time of year. December is often the least busy month for hiring – it’s the month when employers think they’d rather get a fresh start in January, and as candidates spend more time focusing on Christmas and...

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Never recruit a Grinch

Why the Grinch would be a HR nightmare!

Chances are that by now, your workplace has entered fully into the Christmas spirit. It’s also around this time of year that you’ll notice if you’ve hired someone in the past twelve months who’s a bit of a grumbler. Do they do nothing but moan and complain and frown?...

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