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3 reasons why recruitment branding matters

Every organisation has a brand, even if they don’t necessarily recognise it. A brand is essentially a set of values and experiences that people associate with your company or product – and that you build through everything you do, whether that’s advertising, client service or recruiting. Here’s why you...

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Will longer school days prepare children for working life?

The Department for Education is suggesting that state schools should extend the school day in order to bring them into balance with public schools and prepare young people for working life. Every state school in the country will be asked to consider having children turn up earlier in the...

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5 tips for your first day in a new job

Starting a new job is exciting, nerve-racking and terrifying all at once. Having worked so hard and gone through so much stress just to find work in the first place, you definitely want to make a great impression and set the tone for a long and successful career. After...

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Do you really need a cover letter?

Putting together a job application can be a time consuming process. If you’re determined to do it right, tweaking your CV for individual roles and including a cover letter, you might not be happy with the volume of applications you actually manage to send off. So it’s fair to...

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Should you quit your job?

Many people are unhappy in their work, potentially up to half of all workers, so you’re not alone if you don’t much enjoy what you do. If you’ve found you’re not getting enough out of your job, it’s probably crossed your mind at least once that quitting could be...

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Top talent in your organisation

4 ways to recruit the top talent you deserve

Those who work in recruitment know it’s usually not too difficult to get responses to a job ad. If you advertise on enough job boards, in newspapers and get the message out via word of mouth that you’re hiring, you’ll soon have quite a few applications from interested candidates....

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Graduation career prospects

Getting a job after university

Getting a degree is for many people one of the proudest days of their lives. At the end point of some seventeen years of education, you’re finally ready to leave the learning environment and dive in to the world of work. Some are lucky enough to get a high-paying,...

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Surprising interview questions

4 inappropriate interview questions (and how to answer them)

To succeed in interviews for jobs today, you need to be prepared for almost any question that comes up. Some are just a little tricky or unusual, but in addition to knowing how to answer an odd question about your skills or experience, it’s important also to be prepared...

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6 ways to have happier staff

Unhappiness at work can be a serious problem, though the scale and impact is often underestimated. Nearly half of us are unhappy at work, and staff who are dissatisfied for whatever reason can have a detrimental effect on your organisation as a whole. Even just one unmotivated employee may be:...

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How to turn a seasonal job into a permanent one

Seasonal work is a great help to thousands people looking for work over the summer. Whether it’s students on break, or people who are for the moment unable to find permanent work, a more casual working structure gives people a much needed boost to their finances without requiring employers...

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