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How to get recruited through LinkedIn!


As LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world you will find that recruiters / head hunters are now trying to make the most of the platform.

The only issue with this from a recruitment perspective is that LinkedIn have got extremely good at limiting visible information and restricting the ability to message people. Unless the recruiters commit to a professional licence (that offers different visibility and messaging rights) then they will not be able to see or contact a wide range of talent. But even if a recruiter upgrades to a ‘Talent Finder’ licence which will cost them a significant amount of money, they’ll still be limited to a small amount of In Mails that they send per month.

This is why recruiters are very selective of who they will message and ultimately this makes it extremely difficult to get recruited through LinkedIn.

You can upgrade to a job seekers licence which would cost you about £20 a month, but there isn’t much point in doing this unless the rest of your profile is working effectively and you are proactive on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a huge talent pool of active and passive candidates which recruiters have to choose from. To ensure that you are ahead of the competition, we have put some pointers together to help you to get recruited on the platform.

  • Profile

First things first, you need to make sure that you have fully set up your profile – you’ll know you’ve done this when, on the right hand side of your profile, your ‘Profile Strength’ will read ‘All-Star’. The tone of your profile needs to be personal but professional so that people enjoy reading through your experiences. If you would like to highlight points about your previous jobs, bullet points can help do this.

  • Groups

Groups are great places to keep up to date with vacancies and by commenting on relevant discussions you might get noticed by a potential employer. There are also a lot of job groups which share a range of vacancies, as well as specialist job groups sharing niche roles.

  • Post updates

Making sure that you are active on LinkedIn is quite important; recruiters can filter their LinkedIn searches so that they can only see people who use the service regularly.

Post updates about interesting articles and blogs that you think are appropriate, ask specific questions like, ‘I’m very interested in vacancies with Bensons for Beds, does anybody have any experience with working for them? Please message me’. Please do not post, “I’m on a job hunt, can anybody help me? Need a job!!” This will make you look extremely desperate. Talk about things that are happening in your work life like, ‘Just been to a great job fair in Leeds’.

  • Build your contacts

By building contacts you are increasing your reach throughout LinkedIn. You will also be able to see their updates and with some of they’ll be the occasional job post.

  • Promote your skills

This is probably the most important point for getting found on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn works like a search engine, so when recruiters are trying to find someone with a certain set of skills they will search for terms like C#, HTML and CSS for a Developer vacancy, for instance. If you have these skills, be sure to add them to your profile.

  • Get endorsed

Endorsements help to reassure recruiters that you are good at what you do, by having plenty of these on your profile you will help solidify your success as an individual.

  • Increase you skills

As you increase your skills add them to your profile and promote the fact that you have gained them! Also, if you’re always adding to your skillset and continuing your personal development, you will become even more valuable to any business.

If you would like to stay up to date with our vacancies, news and discussions then you can join the Blue Octopus ‘The Future of Recruitment’ group.


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