Meet The Team

How do! We’re the folk behind the Octopus

Just like an Octopus that's Blue, we're all unique with our own special skills.

At Blue Octopus HQ (Octo House) you’ll find recruiters, account managers, techies, designers and customer service professionals. Between us we deliver an unbeatable end to end recruitment solution topped off with exceptional service. 

  • Liam Coleman

    Liam Coleman

    - Co-Founder -

    As a co-founder, Liam sets the standard for his peers and he is forever striving to progress the business. Liam manages Sales and has consistently year on year been the highest performer within the company. Liam thrives from building long lasting partnerships with a vast network of clients and enjoys spending time with his expansive young family. 

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  • Chris Coleman

    Chris Coleman

    - Co-Founder -

    Chris founded the company alongside Liam in 2010 with a clear vision – to be the UK’s leading online recruiter. Chris has extensive recruitment experience from working for a range of recruiters and commercial companies. He uses his experience within the commercial strategy and also enjoys fine wine. 

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  • Marc Wrench

    Marc Wrench

    - Digital Director -

    Marc has the extremely important job of maintaining and developing Octo – Blue Octopus’ recruitment technology solution. He is fluent in a vast range of coding languages and puts his skills to good use making sure that the company’s internal and external IT processes are working smoothly. In Marc’s spare time he enjoys building retro video games. 

  • Kelly Laurenson

    Kelly Laurenson

    - Operations Director -

    Kelly joined Blue Octopus in 2010 and very quickly became passionate about the service side of the business. She manages the largest team within the company and some of Blue Octopus’ largest accounts. Kelly ensures service levels are maintained to a high standard and is a huge Take That fan!

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  • Ian McGinty

    Ian McGinty

    - Finance Manager -

    With a wealth of experience within finance Ian is Blue Octopus’ number cruncher, he is responsible for providing financial advice and support to the board and other colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. Ian enjoys his world travel (when he isn’t trapped on a cruise liner).

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  • Mike Heald

    Mike Heald

    - Lead Client Delivery Manager -

    Mike joined Blue Octopus in 2011 after years of experience in the recruitment and insurance markets. His success in developing strong HR partnerships with many leading multinational brands means he is one of the leading sales professionals within the company.

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  • Julie Jenkins

    Julie Jenkins

    - Client Delivery Manager -

    Julie re-joined Blue Octopus in 2018, where she can use her extensive sales experience to help introduce companies to the Blue Octopus service. Julie is a remote worker, but still loves to get involved in the Blue Octopus culture!

  • John Gill

    John Gill

    - Developer -

    John’s role in Blue Octopus has developed over the years and he’s gained a great all-round knowledge of the company and the recruitment industry. He is now a developer and has really found his feet within IT. John has recently become a dad and loves spending time with his son. 

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  • Raymond Boyd

    Raymond Boyd

    - Junior Developer -

    As part of our IT department, Raymond helps with the vital job of maintaining and developing Octo – Blue Octopus’ recruitment technology solution. Through continuous support and maintenance, he has become an important part of the Blue Octopus team!

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  • Judith Shaw

    Judith Shaw

    - Accounts -

    Judith joined the company in January 2011 and works within the accounts department. Her main duties are to support the accounts function within the business which involves invoicing, credit control and providing banking support. Judith is always wearing a smile and can be found chasing sales people around the office for receipts. 

  • Grace Procter

    Grace Procter

    - Marketing Executive -

    Once a Client Delivery Coordinator, Grace has recently rejoined the team as Marketing Executive. With hands-on experience of recruitment and a background in producing engaging content for a wide range of businesses, her role involves keeping the Blogtopus up-to-date with industry news and overseeing social media.

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  • Alex Spivey

    Alex Spivey

    - Service Proposal Coordinator -

    As an SPC Alex identifies and approaches companies that could benefit from the Blue Octopus service. He has over 5 years of previous sales experience which has helped him find his feet within his role at Blue Octopus. Alex is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to sport, why not test him! 

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  • Kallon Mountain

    Kallon Mountain

    - Service Proposal Coordinator -

    As one of our SPC’s Kallon is a commercially minded & analytical thinker, helping Recruitment & HR professionals to identify opportunities to add value to their internal recruitment functions, improving on their existing agency PSL’s & Technology. Simply send him an InMail to learn more!

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  • Laura Coleman

    Laura Coleman

    - Service Proposal Coordinator -

    Laura has been with the company since day one and works within the sales team as an SPC, she enjoys the challenge of winning over potential clients. She has years of experience as a recruitment consultant and is the wife of Liam, Laura can be found trying to keep their four children out of trouble. 

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  • Keith Tottingham

    Keith Tottingham

    - Client Delivery Manager -

    Keith is one of the newest members of the team. As a former Employment Consultant, and winner of ERSA’s prestigious 2016 Employment Advisor of the Year award, he brings with him a wealth of careers and recruitment knowledge. And, if that’s not impressive enough, he's also played football in the FA Cup and FA Vase. 

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  • Kelsie Walton

    Kelsie Walton

    - Client Delivery Team Leader -

    Kelsie has been with Blue Octopus for over six years and plays a vital role in providing the amazing service we’ve become known for. She has recently been promoted to a Team Leader role and ensures that service levels remain high. Kelsie has also recently become a mother and loves spending time with her son. 

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  • Steph Long

    Steph Long

    - Client Delivery Team Leader -

    Steph has over 12 years of online recruitment experience and has been with the company since its birth – so what she doesn’t know about Octo isn’t worth knowing! Steph manages a number of accounts and is Team Leader for the Service team. When she’s not at work, she independently funds ASOS and chills out with her chug Peggy.

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  • Vicky Nicholson

    Vicky Nicholson

    - Client Delivery Coordinator -

    As a Client Delivery Coordinator, Vicky works in partnership with clients, providing a service focussed recruitment offering. She writes top quality recruitment adverts, posts vacancies and communicates with all parties. Vicky has recently become a mother and enjoys spending time with her young son. 

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  • Lorna Krzyszczyk

    Lorna Krzyszczyk

    - Client Delivery Coordinator -

    Lorna worked within recruitment for six years prior to joining Blue Octopus, her role as a CDC includes Lorna providing administrative support to her clients in addition to pro-actively managing their recruitment campaigns. Lorna enjoys spending time with her son.

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  • Emma Johnsen

    Emma Johnsen

    - Client Delivery Coordinator -

    Emma has been recently promoted from a KAA to a CDC and acts as a central contact for the hiring process. Emma’s role includes copywriting, job posting and candidate communication. Emma is a keen music lover and enjoys rocking out at festivals! 

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  • Harriet Summers

    Harriet Summers

    - Key Account Administrator -

    Harriet joined the company with a background in administration and was swiftly promoted to Key Account Administrator. She provides dedicated support and makes sure all candidates and clients are happy. Harriet loves her cars - our favourite has to be Herbie which she has totally restored to its former glory. 

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  • Ashleigh Boocock

    Ashleigh Boocock

    - Resourcer / Key Account Administrator -

    Ashleigh joined Blue Octopus after several years in the travel industry. She is Blue Octopus’ queen of search; she has a real talent for pro-actively seeking out quality talent for those hard to fill roles. She is also very interested in what the team are eating for dinner. 

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  • Holly Quantrill

    Holly Quantrill

    - Client Delivery Administrator -

    Having completed her business studies Holly joined Blue Octopus in May 2016. In her spare time she likes to watch horror films and has an interest in true crime.

  • Amie Gee

    Amie Gee

    - Client Delivery Administrator -

    Amie rejoined Blue Octopus after a month away, wanting to continue her work in the recruitment sector. She's keen to provide the best service she can to our clients and candidates.

  • Amelia Greenbank

    Amelia Greenbank

    - Client Delivery Administrator -

    Amelia joined the service team in April 2017 as a Client Delivery Admin. Having come from a retail background, she is learning the ropes of the recruitment industry. Amelia has quite a skill of imitating accents and has a strange obsession with eating frozen peas.

  • Helen Jackson

    Helen Jackson

    - Out of Hours Administrator -

    Helen is not your traditional administrator and works the nightshift here at Blue Octopus. She is responsible for scoring applications outside of the office hours of 8.30am – 5.30pm, this allows her to fit her work life around her family life. 

  • Amy Beaumont

    Amy Beaumont

    - Out of Hours Administrator -

    Amy is one of the Blue Octopus’ night owls. As an Out of Hour Administrator she works from home, fitting her role around family life. Her main responsibility is to consider candidates for the roles that they have applied for outside the working hours of 8.30am - 5.30pm. 

  • Hannah Hay

    Hannah Hay

    - Out of Hours Administrator -

    Hannah has been part Blue Octopus’ Client Delivery Team, on and off, since 2012 and now provides administrative support when the main office is closed on an evening. Like other staff in the Out of Hours team, it fits perfectly round her family life and other jobs, so everyone’s happy!

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  • Blue Octopus saved us time and money from day one as they managed to overhaul our post and email-based recruitment system almost overnight.
    Josie Gavoyannis - Regional HR Partner
  • I feel completely supported and to be honest this recruitment malarkey is becoming a joy! I get to do the nice bits, meeting the great candidates and progressing to offer stage.
    Ann Shields - Resourcing Business Partner