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Will the Living Wage cost jobs?

It’s looking like good news for low-paid workers over the coming months and years. The government’s new Living Wage – announced in last year’s Budget – is being rolled out to help ensure everyone can earn enough to live on. Those on minimum wage who are aged 25 and...

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looking for work

How to look for work – while working

It’s always a struggle to find a great job that pays well and that you’ll enjoy for years to come. It’s doubly hard to find the perfect job when you’re also trying to hide your search from a current employer. Many people prefer to apply for work while already...

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CDM team

Meet the team! Five new CDMs to develop Blue Octopus’s southern presence

It’s an exciting week for Blue Octopus, and not just because it’s the first week of the new year. We’ve taken on five (yes, five!) new Client Delivery Managers to help us extend our tentacles nationwide...

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What are your recruitment New Year’s Resolutions?

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Less than a week into 2016, we hope you’re able to say you’re staying on track. As you head back to work in 2016, you might start thinking about things you could be doing differently in your online recruitment. After all, if...

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recruitment christmas

What a recruiter really wants for Christmas!

As the end of 2015 approaches, I think we can all agree that we’re in need of a nice long holiday and some cracking gifts to go along with it. Christmas is nearly upon us and we can’t wait to see what’s under the tree this year. While many...

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The best jobs around…in a galaxy far, far away

Have you ever wondered what your job would be if you lived in the world of Star Wars? As the long-awaited movie The Force Awakens is released this week, we got to thinking about all the roles available to the characters of these amazing films. Which one is for...

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Is the employment crisis over?

The last seven years have not been good for the economy. When unemployment reached a high of more than 8.5% percent, there were times when it was hard to see how Britain was ever going to get back to work. Despite that however, we have been gradually bouncing back....

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Does time-to-hire matter?

Managers in any organisation will want to make sure that their recruitment is as efficient as possible. That means they’ll hire the best people they can, as cost-effectively as possible. There are all kinds of ways to track how well-organised a company’s recruitment is, and in most cases it’s...

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memes on linked

Has LinkedIn lost its way?

Social media sites are great tools for recruitment. And out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is still the most useful for finding a job and for making hires. As super users, we’re big fans! Even the most avid LinkedIn users might however have issues with the kind of...

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exhaustion from work

Guest post: How to identify and prevent burnout

It’s difficult to define burnout succinctly and so, even more difficult to intercept it. Most people only realise that they are truly burnt out when it’s too late and then they need to work towards eliminating the symptoms, often while still having to deal with the stresses that caused...

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