candidate and technology in 2015

There is no doubt that 2015 is already proving to be an interesting year in recruitment. With changes in website ranking on mobile devices being rolled out by Google on the 21st April, and an increased need to create an outstanding candidate experience, it is clear that recruiters are going to have to step up their game and become more involved in this digital revolution.

Over the past year we seen a significant increase in demand for flexible recruitment technology; candidates are always browsing our website at all hours of the day on a wide range of devices, and we have seen an increase of nearly 40% in traffic from mobile devices from the previous year. We have also realised the variety of these users, one of which viewed our website on a Sony PlayStation Vita! It is really important that recruitment technology is able to adapt for this vast candidate approach both visually and functionally, compatibility with popular devices throughout the application process is something that can be considered to make hiring more seamless so that candidates don’t become frustrated.

Good recruitment technology should also ensure that communication throughout the recruitment process is timely. Job hunting can be a thoroughly tiresome task, and so ensuring that candidates are kept up to date will give them more confidence in the clients hiring process.

Increased awareness of recruitment branding has also become apparent over the past year; larger companies are clearly seeing the benefit of showcasing their brand during the hiring process. Blue Octopus has a dedicated design team that works in-house to design careers microsites and brand our recruitment technology Octo First Class. Maybe this is why companies are now more aware of the candidate experience, as the process has their name on it. A positive candidate experience is very valuable: it will keep lines of communication open between the candidate and the company, and the candidate can be retained for possible future roles using the talent pool feature in the Octo software.

We also saw roughly 20% growth from social media referral traffic last year, which is a clear indicator that candidates are incorporating job search into their everyday life, and that passive candidates are using our site as a platform to browse roles.

With all of these developments the job hunt experience in 2015 is going to become more flexible and exciting for candidates as recruiters adapt, but the competition for quality roles in popular locations is still going to be high. Candidates will have to put a lot of work into their job applications to stand out from the crowd and make the shortlist.

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