Employment billboardMany people are struggling to find work at the moment. Fine tuning your CV and improving your interviewing strategy will get you a long way, but for some, that wasn’t enough and so they’ve resorted to ingenious and innovative ways of catching employers’ attention.

Here are some of the most “out there” ways I’ve ever heard of that someone applied for a job – and succeeded.

Interviewing the employer

You’re sick of sending off applications and only hearing that you’re not good enough. Why not turn the tables and ask employers to prove themselves to you?

This is what an out-of-work programmer named Andrew Horner did after two years of having to prove his employability. He made a “reverse job application” in which he stated, “I have gone my entire life consistently producing excellent results at every task I set my mind to, and quite frankly, employers should be coming to me, not the other way around.”

His application was cheeky but managed to net results – he received 44 outright offers and plenty more invitations to interview.

Faking it

For those who prefer to get out and about rather than sit in front of a computer drafting applications, the bold approach may be for you. Some people have got jobs by simply walking into a place of work and acting as if they’re meant to be there.

Career coach Robbie Brawner Ouzts tells the story of a woman who turned up at her place of work, coincidentally at the same time as a scheduled interview with a candidate who never showed up. Once the case of mistaken identity was resolved, the woman left the premises with an office manager job.

Granted, you’re much more likely to be thrown out or arrested for trespassing than offered a job – we definitely don’t recommend this approach – but there’s always a slim chance that an employer will be impressed by your display of initiative.

Renting a billboard

Getting people to come to you is all about visibility, and what’s more visible than a billboard? If you take up the option of renting a huge advertising space, you should know that you wouldn’t be the first. Numerous individuals have had ads put up pleading with employers to give them a job – and all the ones we’ve heard about have worked.

If it sounds like a desperate move, it is. People tend to buy an ad with the last of their money, or when facing deportation. Considering how quickly something like this can go viral however, you might just get the break you need.

Getting surgery

Some people have great skills and experience, but don’t manage to proceed beyond the interview stage. Unfortunately it’s common for employers to discriminate based on appearances.

Statistically, good-looking people tend to make more money than those who look merely average, especially if they are also slim and tall. While some people receive plastic surgery to help them score a better job, others rather decide to update their wardrobe, get thicker-soled shoes or take better care of their skin.

Of course, it’s wrong for employers to base employment decisions on how a candidate looks, but don’t let that stop you tipping the scales in your favour with a new suit or haircut, and see how it turns out.

Do you have any tips to share? What’s the weirdest way of finding a job you’ve heard of? Let us know in the comments!

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