You’ve probably heard all kinds of interview advice over the years aimed at helping you get a job. We’ve blogged a lot on the topic, but even when you follow all the advice, unfortunately, it’s still not always enough and you have to reconsider your tactics.

When the standard interview advice isn’t working out for you, you might consider trying some slightly less orthodox tactics. Note that we don’t really recommend all of these – you could well end up sabotaging yourself – but hopefully we’ll at least highlight how thinking outside the box can reap rewards.

Go hungry

When you want to convince someone to give you a job, you have to be hungry for the opportunity. You might also consider just not eating before you arrive. Research suggests that when your stomach’s empty, you feel more entitled and this can translate to making the case that you deserve the job.

On the other hand, hunger is distracting and can stop you thinking clearly. So can the rumbling sounds that your stomach will make throughout. Your best bet is probably to go comfortable rather than desperate.

Wear heels

There are all kinds of subconscious signs that change people’s opinions of us. And if the supposed fact that most interviewing decisions are made in the first eight seconds is true, you really do have to project a positive initial image.

Something you might try in order to make a great first impression is to make yourself a little taller. Thick-soled shoes or high heels could give you an extra inch – and since taller people are shown to make more money, this could work in your favour! Just don’t trip on the stairs.

Pick your time

If you’re offered a choice of interview times, you can use this to your advantage. First of all, try not to wait for too long – three days from now is pretty much the maximum. Other than that, think of the best times and days of the week. If it’s early on Monday morning, neither you nor the interviewer will be thinking clearly. Last thing on Monday, or just before lunch, your interviewer may well just want to wrap the whole thing up and leave.

Glassdoor states that the very best time is 10:30 on a Tuesday – not too early, not too close to lunch, and not too close to the weekend. Both you and the interviewer will be on top form. But again, remember, it can be off-putting if you’re too picky about a time, and the difference that the timeslot makes, for a professional, should be minimal.

Leave something behind

When employers are interviewing a dozen people a day – and even when they’re not – you want them to remember you. You can prepare materials such as a report or analysis of the company to impress them with, and offer to leave it with the interviewer when you go. Then they’ll have something of yours to go along with their notes that could make you a little more memorable. That’s not to mention that you’ll impress them with the material itself. Just remember to clearly print your name on whatever you leave behind.

Do you have any more weird and wonderful interviewing tips? What do you think helped you through the interview for your last job? Comment below!

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