Apps help us with a huge range of tasks in our personal and work lives. There are more and more apps becoming available to those in online recruitment and to business in general, and so every forward-thinking recruiter should be aware of what’s out there and making the most of the apps available for their device.

No matter what kind of phone or tablet you own, there should be plenty of tools available to give your recruitment a really big boost – here are some of the best.

The Interviewer

Notepads are fine for taking notes during interviews, but if you’d like a specialised app for judging whether the candidate across the table is a good fit or not, you could do worse than use this app. It gives suggestions for questions to ask, helps compare answers and allows you to rate each applicant too. (iPhone)

LinkedIn Recruiter

Doubtless you use LinkedIn in the browser, but if you take your smartphone everywhere you’re sure to get plenty out of the mobile app aimed specially at recruiters. If you have a recruiter account on the network you’ll be able to see who’s applying for your jobs, as well as staying in touch with those candidates and your colleagues with no fuss. (Android, iPhone)


Evernote is more or less universally recognised as one of the top apps for organising your life and career. While it doesn’t cater particularly to recruiters, it contains powerful tools for collecting and storing notes and can connect with your online calendar to help you keep track of interviews. (all platforms)


Trello is a fast and free whiteboard app that helps you and your team keep track of multiple projects. Create a board for each role you have to fill and keep everything in one place throughout the process! (all platforms)

Social apps – Twitter, Facebook etc.

It’s fairly common practice for recruiters and employers to check out applicants’ social media profiles – more than a third of companies admit to doing it. A Facebook photo album can tend to give a better insight into what people are like to work with than a sanitised LinkedIn account. You can also use these networks for your online recruitment by posting vacancies and keep up with news in the industry. (all platforms)

As we can see, there aren’t really as many apps aimed specifically at recruiters as there could be, but the power of productivity tools, even on a small screen, shouldn’t be underestimated. Are there any apps you can’t work without? Let us know in the comments!

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