Often it’s not enough that a job just pays the bills; it’s important to know that you’re making the world a better place. For many people it’s the best way to get job satisfaction, and as we’ve explored before, being content with your work is crucial to your overall happiness and healthy state of mind.

If you want to work somewhere that makes a positive difference in the world, you’ve got plenty of options. What could you be doing next?

Social carer

The social care sector is dedicated to lending a hand wherever possible to help the disabled, the elderly,  and the vulnerable. As a carer or support worker all you need is to be good with people and eager to help.

But even if that doesn’t sound like you, there are all kinds of  other skills required for this sector. Admin, accounting, marketing are all required…in fact, staff in many  roles found in most organisations are  required. Blue Octopus recruits for all kinds of roles in the social care sector. Lately we’ve been looking for  press officers, kitchen workers and staff co-ordinators for various care organisations.


The role of a firefighter is more diverse than you might think: as well as responding to emergencies, they’re often involved in educating the community about fire safety, giving talks in schools and workplaces. They provide first aid and are often required to remain on call when working in rural areas. Firefighters report high levels of job satisfaction and good salaries, so it’s well worth considering if you want to save lives.

Charity worker

Charities specialise in making the world a better place – if you’re looking for a real feeling that your work matters, you could hardly do better.

What do you think of when you think of charity workers? Maybe it’s aid workers who go overseas to build schools and distribute medicine. Or there’s a good chance you think of people standing in town centres with money tins and bibs, calling over pedestrians for a chat. These are often thought to be the only roles in the charity sector, when really they’re far from it. Again, staff are needed for all kinds of roles, including office roles, fundraising, event planning and campaign management.


Teachers do much more than stand at the front of a room and talk. They’re actively involved in shaping children’s development and play an essential role in creating intelligent, accomplished individuals. The hours can be long (much longer than a school day) and of course difficult children can be a thorn in your side, but the majority of teachers value their work extremely highly.

Of course there exist teachers at all different levels. Not good with children? Further and adult education could be the answer – teach a practical skill or a foreign language.


OK, they might not be saving lives on a daily basis, but solicitors can sincerely make the world a better place through their representation of individuals and organisations facing legal threats. Whether defending or prosecuting, solicitors rely on reason and rhetorical skills to see that justice is served.

Lawyers are generally the best paid of any role on this list, though their salary and working conditions can differ hugely depending on whether they work for a company, in government, or are self-employed.

Whether it’s your dream to help the  vulnerable, or to develop a new generation of minds, or something else altogether, Blue Octopus has a wide range of feel good careers for you. Search our current vacancies and apply today.

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