first-day-new-jobStarting a new job is exciting, nerve-racking and terrifying all at once. Having worked so hard and gone through so much stress just to find work in the first place, you definitely want to make a great impression and set the tone for a long and successful career.

After the first day things will get easier…but until that happens, here’s some career advice to show you how to impress right from the outset.

Plan ahead

Take some time before your first day to plan out where you are going, what you’ll wear and what you’ll aim to find out. You’ll probably have visited the company before, for your interview, but if not you’ll obviously want to plan out a route and know how to get there, by researching bus timetables, parking spots or whatever it may be.

Make sure too that you know where to report to and who to ask to see. There’s a lot to keep in mind, so making a checklist may help – and if you’re in doubt about anything, don’t be afraid to call and ask!

Be confident

First days are scary for so many as they will see a lot of new faces and have so much to remember. It really helps to put yourself forward in a confident way, smiling and making eye contact with new people. Don’t be afraid to say hello to people in the corridors and break areas too, even if they’re not in your department.

Build relationships

Getting along with others is essential to being recognised for your work and getting ahead. You’ll have a lot to keep on top of in your first week, but you should take the opportunity to network and find people you can go to for help and advice. If you’re career-minded, you’ll especially want to network with those above you in the structure – just as long as this isn’t perceived as rude.

Ask questions

There are few things more worrying for a manager training a new hire, than when that person doesn’t ask them anything. Take notes, be engaged, and don’t be afraid to ask something stupid. The same goes for people’s names – your colleagues will understand that not everyone is good with names and faces, so feel free to ask.

Have fun!

This sounds like a lot to keep in mind, but you shouldn’t let the desire to make a good impression overwhelm you. If you get too stressed it shows, so focus more on understanding the workplace and trying to get work done than on making friends.

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