postman-in-snowA temporary Christmas job is a great way to make a bit of extra money this season. Businesses of all kinds see an increase in demand around this time of year and for the student or jobseeker this represents a great opportunity.

As we’re well on the way to Christmas, people interested in Christmas work really do need to apply soon to get the best positions. While some businesses will have finished their online recruitment for this season there are still positions available however with many employers up and down the country.

Here are some of the top places to work that may still have vacancies:


If there’s one thing you can count on at Christmas, it’s that people will buy and consume ridiculous amounts of food. With the extra business supermarkets take on at this time of year, they really could do with the extra help.

Cashiers and delivery drivers will be needed from now until the big day. In particular, many employers are having difficulty finding enough drivers to take the turkeys to people’s homes this year.

Royal Mail

The postal service has a huge job on its hands. About 700 million cards are sent each year in the UK, and around 10 million packages every day during the Christmas rush. It’s well known that they recruit a large number of seasonal workers to deal with the extra demand. This year they announced they would hire 19,000 additional workers nationwide to sort and deliver the post in time for Christmas.

Restaurants and pubs

The catering sector has a lot of extra demand as people go out for meals with visiting relatives and, of course, tuck into a hearty Christmas lunch. If you’re available to work on Christmas Day you could do quite well on pay and when competing with others for positions such as waiter, dishwasher or chef. That’s not to mention the tips, which are frequently larger during the season of giving!


Retail of all kinds obviously sees a boost in winter – around 20% of retailers’ profits are made in the Christmas rush. You can expect long hours and low pay but if you excel you may be in a position to get a permanent role and increased job peaks.


You won’t be surprised to hear that summer and winter and the peak seasons for the travel and tourism industry. As people go to visit relatives, spend Christmas somewhere snowy or go to take part in winter sports, airlines and airports will need the extra staff, probably into January and beyond.

We’ll soon publish our jobseekers’ guide to finding seasonal work, and holding on to it as a permanent position. In the meantime, you can see what we had to say earlier this year about making the most of seasonal work.

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