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Keeping your staff happy and engaged can be tricky, especially on a Monday. While some of us can quite happily get right back in the saddle after a weekend, most people do need a bit of extra time to get out of the weekend mindset and really get things done.

Even people who truly love their jobs have difficulty working at full capacity, when they’re staring at five more days of work between now and the weekend. However it doesn’t have to be too difficult to convince yourself and your team to push yourselves further as soon as the week begins!

Make a to-do on Friday

It’s easy to spend too long planning your day, first thing on a morning. If you’ve ever spent two hours just drawing up your schedule for the day, you’ll know what we mean.

You can get around your team’s urge to procrastinate by having them draw up a list of tasks on the afternoon of the previous Friday. That way you can all hit the ground running – simple and effective.

Provide healthy snacks

Another very simple way of getting more out of your team is to provide some kind of sustenance to keep them going and have them look forward to getting to work in the mornings. Sugary snacks like doughnuts and cakes might do the trick temporarily, but they will be followed by a crash by late morning. So why not arrange for fruit to be brought in, grab some gourmet coffee, or even send someone on a sandwich run?

Of course you should also make sure that organising and paying for these treats doesn’t take up so much time that your team ends up losing out on productive hours.

Ease into it

You won’t want your team to go wasting time at any point in the week. But there is something to be said for your team allowing themselves to ease back into work rather than try to do everything right away. If you schedule a catch-up meeting or a bunch of small, regular tasks at the top of the week, you’ll see that a slower start can result in more getting done than if your staff had begun with more of a challenge.

Start late

One of the hardest things about a Monday is getting up on time, after a couple of days of late nights and long lie-ins. Allowing your staff to start an hour or even just half an hour later than usual should give your team more time to start the day properly before arriving at the office, potentially more than making up the time in terms of getting things done!

Depending on how generous you feel, you may give your team that time for free, or ask them to make it up by staying later at the end of the day.

Lead by example

Your staff look to you as an example. So you can be sure that if you clearly have a case of the Monday blues, your team’s mood will suffer. Be sure to stay motivated and on-task, and give out plenty of positive vibes – that way, people know it’s not good enough just to show up.

This goes hand in hand with creating a really positive workplace in the first place. All the biscuits and to-do lists in the world won’t motivate a team who just can’t stand their jobs, or who don’t come enthused and ready to give there all on every other day of the week. Be the best boss you can be and the rest will follow.

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