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Employer branding is the process that promotes a company or organisation for the ability to hire and retain staff. A company with a strong employer brand will have an outstanding reputation at dealing with staff…this could be related to the benefits that are offered or just down to the fact that the company is fantastic to work for, as the people that work there are really friendly, the company is really going places, and they have a pool table (like at Octo House)!

Why is it important?

Employer branding has become increasingly important to companies over the past few years. If you are able to attract and retain top quality talent by having a strong employer brand, why wouldn’t people pay attention to this?

This would mean that you would spend less on recruitment as candidates would proactivity approach the employer, and you would attract more applications to your live vacancies. Now do you understand why it is really important to create an awesome employer brand?

Companies that are awesome at employer branding

A lot of larger companies such as Mars, Facebook and Google are able to pay great attention to their employer brand and reap the benefits of having the best talent queuing up to work for them. These companies are continuously adding to their talent pools, ensuring that the demand to work for the company is high and that they don’t have to look far to find hard working, passionate staff that feel privileged to work for the organisation. So how can you go about getting the word out that your company is an amazing place to work?

Step One – Make sure all your current staff are happy!

The first step to creating an awesome employer brand is to make sure that your current work force are happy in their working environment. This might involve regular one to one meetings with staff to ensure that they can be completely honest about how they feel. Take notes and make sure that you put actions in place to resolve any issues that might be brought up.

Of course, this is well worth doing for its own sake, as well as a part of the process building an employer brand, so do take on board the feedback you get. This will take up a bit of time but is a really important step in the process. If your staff are happy then the word that your company is a great company to work for will spread.

Google's employer brand on Twitter

Step Two – Give your staff something to shout about!

Once your staff are all ambassadors of your company brand you need to give them something to shout about. Set clear company goals for the year and give your staff a reason to want to achieve these goals. End of year rewards such as company away days are a fantastic way to not only build your team spirit but also promote your employer brand. Staff are sure to be on social media bragging about how their workplace is better than their friends’ workplace!

Another great way of team building is to encourage your staff to regularly go out on team outings, whether that be a charity run or a couple of drinks after work on a Friday. Be sure to show your support as a company to your workforce if they do decide to do a charity event; you could even support a charity that your staff feel strongly about on a regular basis as we do at Blue Octopus with the Charity Donation Scheme.

A seamless hiring experience

Step Three – Create a seamless hiring experience!

Ensuring that your new staff start their job in the best possible way is essential to improving your employer brand. A lot of companies lose good quality talent in the first few weeks of employment because they simply aren’t organised with their onboarding process. You need to make sure, right from your job advertisement, that you are organised and that the communication with the candidate is professional and consistent.

Our Octo Recruitment Technology is the perfect system for keeping the hiring process organised – hiring managers are able to easily and transparently oversee the campaign from beginning to end and also build a healthy talent pool in the process. The Octo system can also be fully branded in-line with client guidelines so that the employment brand is continually seen throughout. After the hiring process make sure that your new recruits have structure to their first few weeks and make them feel like one of the team as early as possible.

Teamwork in the workplace

Step Four – Care about your staff!

You might not think that this is relevant, but it is really important for your employer brand that you care about your staff. Analyse what you offer as a benefits package for staff and think about how this could be improved. For example, offering staff additional holiday days for long length of employment is a good way of improving staff retention as they really feel their loyalty is appreciated. Having a healthcare plan as a company benefit is not only a way of showing that you care about your employees, but it will also ensure that your staff are in better health and therefore more productive at work.

It is proven that having pets, plants and natural light in the office is a good way of improving wellbeing for staff. Ben and Jerry’s and Pets at Home have a ‘bring your pooch to work’ policy as they feel that it helps employees take regular breaks and relax in the working environment. You don’t need to go as far as having the Google sleeper pods in your office, but an assessment of the interior would go a long way towards improving your staff productivity.

Step Five – Promote the fact that you’re awesome!

Once you have all the other steps in place it will be really easy to promote your outstanding employer brand without it coming across as just all talk. You should look to develop a careers site so that your job seekers are experiencing the company from a candidate perspective rather than that of a client. This way you can communicate the company values and culture right from the off.

Make sure that your marketing team are involved within this process and are updating social media platforms and blogs with staff success stories and company events (as long as they are kept professional, of course).

If you need any help making the most out of your employer brand please contact us and we will help showcase your organisation as the awesome place to work that it is!

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