As you will be aware the mobile job seeker revolution is well under way, but how do you capture these candidates with so many different devices to consider? Well, you don’t worry – we’ve got it covered!

Candidates are always on the go, and wanting quicker and easier ways to apply for vacancies – that’s why Blue Octopus has created the new easy CV upload function.

On Monday the 11th of July Blue Octopus released its latest round of updates, one of the features on the update was the new candidate CV upload feature. Now all candidates have the option to upload their CV in the following ways:

– Upload a CV from Microsoft OneDrive
– Upload a CV from Dropbox
– Upload a new CV
– Upload your stored CV (If you have applied for past vacancy)

This update is a great step for increasing application rates and reducing the drop off from mobile candidates as now 100% of your ‘on the go’ job seekers can apply for your vacancies.

Upcoming features:

– Further streamlining of the application process, and support for a multi-step application form – get the information you need when you need it.

– Updated Candidate Profile

– **New Blue Octopus Website**

If you would like to find out more about Octo then please contact us to book a demo

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