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Are you limiting your recruitment potential with an in-house team?

There are many different ways to conduct recruitment today. From agencies and RPO to specialist online recruiters and in-house teams, all kinds of options are out there, and many employers combine two or more methods. Companies often prefer to use their own team, but is this the best approach? There's…

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Six-hour days: the solution to fatigue at work?

Much has been written in the past week about some Swedish companies' new approach to work-life balance. A number of employers, both public and private, are experimenting with cutting the working day to six hours. This is in an effort to help employees stave off fatigue at work, and get the most…

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The rise of zero-hours contracts

The number of workers on zero-hours contracts has risen steadily over the past few years. There are now 744,000 people working on these contracts in the UK. But what are they, and are they a good thing for employees? A zero-hours contract is an employment contract that doesn’t guarantee a…

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Why choose a career in manufacturing?

There's good news for anyone considering going into manufacturing: the sector is growing. In fact, it's expected that well over a million vacancies will be created over the next few years. Thinking of starting a new career in manufacturing? Here are the top reasons why the perfect time to get…

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The three top places to get your job advert seen

The question of where you place your job advert is an important one…some would say it's as important as what the advert actually says.  You might have a really well-crafted advert that showcases the company, boasts about the role and persuades people to get in touch. But if it's posted…

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How to pass an unusual interview

Normally you know what to expect from a job interview – you turn up with a suit and a smile, talk about your passion for the company, and try not to fall down the stairs on your way out. Sometimes however you arrive at an interview that really throws you for…

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The 5 best productivity hacks

Are you accomplishing as much as you could in your day? By upping your productivity, you can get more done in less time, meaning you don't need to work long into the evening just to be able to say you've done a good day's work. Getting more done isn't always…

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Is the NHS getting ripped off by employment agencies?

This week we learned that the NHS has been wildly overspending on medical personnel from employment agencies. The service has always gone to recruitment agencies to find staff including doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, allied health professionals and more. Often they're needed at short notice just to cover a shift during busy…

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How to work from home and stay productive

Who doesn't want to work from home? With no boss breathing down your neck and the option to take extra-long lunch breaks, most of us have thought about how much freedom we'd get if we stayed in more. On a more practical note, staying in allows you to take care…

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