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Why the Grinch would be a HR nightmare!

Chances are that by now, your workplace has entered fully into the Christmas spirit. It’s also around this time of year that you’ll notice if you’ve hired someone in the past twelve months who’s a bit of a grumbler. Do they do nothing but moan and complain and frown? Do…

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When do you need to hire your first employee?

As a successful one-person operation, eventually you’re likely to reach the point where you need to take on some outside help. Taking on your first employee should give you a big help with your workload, especially in the long term – however in the immediate future you actually have quite…

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Has your recruitment become stale?

There are lots of signs that your recruitment isn’t quite as fresh as it used to be. You might find that the hires you’re making aren’t working out, that the best candidates are being turned away, that the process costs too much in time or money or any number of…

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How to scare away top talent

If you find that fewer top candidates are responding to your job ads, you might be scaring them away. This Halloween is a great time to think about whether your application procedure is more trick than treat, or whether candidates take one look at your job adverts and get chills…

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How to persuade an uninterested candidate

Job interviews are often thought of as being a one-sided negotiation, in which the applicant must persuade the recruiter that they are the one to fill the role. This myth persists among both candidates and employers, and while to an extent it does describe the process by which a lot…

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What advantages can recruitment technology bring to your organisation?

Most parts of our work lives can be improved by introducing technology, and in recruitment and human resources this is definitely the case. On the surface it might seem like technology would be of only limited help in an industry as people-orientated as recruitment. Not many of us would want…

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The minimum wage is rising – what does it mean?

On the 1st October, one week from today, the national minimum wage will increase to £6.50 per hour. With a million people currently on minimum wage, this increase should be a great help to the quality of life of a significant portion of the working population. The idea of a…

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Should you quit your job?

Many people are unhappy in their work, potentially up to half of all workers, so you’re not alone if you don’t much enjoy what you do. If you’ve found you’re not getting enough out of your job, it’s probably crossed your mind at least once that quitting could be the…

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How to turn a seasonal job into a permanent one

Seasonal work is a great help to thousands people looking for work over the summer. Whether it’s students on break, or people who are for the moment unable to find permanent work, a more casual working structure gives people a much needed boost to their finances without requiring employers to…

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