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A chat with Abbie Wellens, Client Delivery Manager at Blue Octopus

We recently had a sit down, a brew and a chat with Abbie Wellens, Blue Octopus' newly promoted Client Delivery Manager, to find out more about her role and what makes her tick. Over to Abbie... Firstly Abbie, when did you join Blue Octopus and what did your role involve?…

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The mobile jobseeker (A Blue Octopus Infographic)

Like most sites on the internet, we’ve been getting more and more visitors choosing to visit us via mobile devices such as phones and tablets. It’s becoming easier every day to browse the web while on the go, and we at Blue Octopus recently optimised our site to make it…

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2015 shaping up to be the year of the candidate

There is no doubt that 2015 is already proving to be an interesting year in recruitment. With changes in website ranking on mobile devices being rolled out by Google on the 21st April, and an increased need to create an outstanding candidate experience, it is clear that recruiters are going…

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60 Second Interview: Sue Lewis, HR Manager @ The Manchester College

Blue Octopus recently caught up with Sue Lewis, HR Manager at the Manchester College. Sue has been with the College, one of Europe's largest, for over five years and had plenty to say when we asked for her thoughts on recruitment in the further education sector. Over to Sue... What…

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Why choose nursing as a career?

Some would say nursing is one of the most worthwhile careers out there – how many jobs are there where your role is to save people's lives? Though it's an enormous commitment, both in training and in practice, anyone in medicine could tell you just how valuable they are to…

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Online Recruiters vs Recruitment Agencies (A Blue Octopus Infographic)

We often get asked how our service sets us apart from the competition. At Blue Octopus we do things very differently from others in the recruitment market such as recruitment agencies, so here's what we think makes us so special.

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Take your LinkedIn to the next level

You've been following us long enough to know all about how to set up your own LinkedIn profile (and if you haven't, check the blog from last week). But as we mentioned there, there's plenty still to be done after you've signed up for the service. If you continue filling…

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How to fall in love with your job

As we're coming up to Valentine's Day, we have got to thinking about love. And what with being recruitment and HR professionals, our thoughts naturally turned to a major commitment in many people's lives: not their partner, but their career. It's important to love your job, as it's where you…

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Are you in love with your job? (A Blue Octopus Infographic)

The Valentine's Day, we're thinking about how much people love what they do. Take a look at our original infographic packed with facts on falling in love with your job! And for more on getting to truly love your work, check out our recent blog post too.  

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