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Does time-to-hire matter?

Managers in any organisation will want to make sure that their recruitment is as efficient as possible. That means they'll hire the best people they can, as cost-effectively as possible. There are all kinds of ways to track how well-organised a company's recruitment is, and in most cases it's clear…

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How to recruit for a role you have no experience in

When you’re trying to fill a role, you don’t just want to take the first person who comes along and applies – you want to find the absolute best person you can for the job. But what can you do when you’re hiring for a position you don’t fully understand…

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The things no-one tells you about succeeding in your first job

The world of work is quite different from that of school, or even university. If you go into work with the same habits that got you through life as a student, you're likely to be in for a shock. Your first job, and every job that comes after it, will…

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How to match your CV to the job

In a competitive job market such as this one, it's vital to make sure your application is as focused as it can be. A big part of that is tailoring your CV to the job you're applying for. A different revision of your CV for each application – this could…

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The types who make mistakes in the workplace: Do you fit the profile?

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you spend up to a third of your life at work some of those mistakes are bound to happen in the workplace. Many kinds of mistakes are forgivable, and some are even expected for those new to their work, but of course it always pays…

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The secrets of reading job adverts

If you're applying for work right now, you'll be looking at a lot of job ads. And you may have noticed that a lot of these adverts follow the same templates, using the same terms, being laid out in the same way and giving similar details – even across industries…

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April fools – when workplace pranks go wrong

Today is a very popular day for making a fool out of each other. Between friends this is usually great, however in the workplace, not everyone enjoys pranks, and let's be honest, not everyone knows what actually constitutes a hilarious joke. On this basis, it's best to keep pranks very low…

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The early candidate gets the job!

Believe it or not, it's possible to increase your chances of getting a job, without the need to get more experience, training or skills. All it takes is getting started a little earlier. Being proactive in your job hunt makes it much more likely that you'll see results soon. But what…

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Why your recruitment process should be transparent to candidates

Most of us can agree in principle that a vital part in providing almost any service, is the ability to be honest and open with those you work with. Unfortunately, from the candidate perspective, many recruiters seem to hinder more than help. While their job is to help people get…

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