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Don’t let your recruitment go into hibernation over winter

As the winter nights draw in and we begin the seasonal change to winter, where the mornings stay darker and by the time we leave work, night has already fallen. Everybody seems to be slowing down but that doesn’t mean that your recruitment efforts should freeze. At this time of…

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What is online recruitment?

There was a time when job hunters would scour the pages of their local paper or industry magazine for their next career move but times have moved on and, in this an era of internet job sites and job boards, online recruitment is enabling employers and candidates to manage most…

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We’re building the foundations of the housing industry

We have a growing portfolio of housing providers which are now reaping the rewards of our outstanding service.  Our service offering has always been received well in the housing industry and we now have a large range of housing associations that are trusting the service. We have had a high…

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National Living Wage Increase – 1.3 million workers are getting a pay increase today!

Today the country has seen that the National Living Wage is set to increase for people aged 25 and over by 50p per hour to £7.20 – the plan is to rise to £9ph by 2020. Although this doesn’t seem like much, it is quite a significant increase. So significant…

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Make like Leo and achieve your career goals

As you should know by now Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar, after being nominated six times he can now go home and put the award in his trophy cabinet, knowing that he has achieved one of his most challenging career goals! How did Leo manage to stay positive…

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Will the Living Wage cost jobs?

It's looking like good news for low-paid workers over the coming months and years. The government's new Living Wage – announced in last year's Budget – is being rolled out to help ensure everyone can earn enough to live on. Those on minimum wage who are aged 25 and up…

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Is the employment crisis over?

The last seven years have not been good for the economy. When unemployment reached a high of more than 8.5% percent, there were times when it was hard to see how Britain was ever going to get back to work. Despite that however, we have been gradually bouncing back. It's…

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4 reasons firms have trouble retaining staff

It's common for organisations that are otherwise excellent to have trouble holding on to the staff they hire. What are the most common errors, and how can it be put right? Improve on on-boarding Sometimes the person who is hired has fantastic potential but isn't brought into the organisation in…

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4 social networks you didn’t know could be used for recruitment

Something that recruiters often forget is that job boards and online recruitment agencies are not the only places where potential job applicants can be found. Candidates are just people after all, going places and using services that anyone else would. Recruitment advertisements on Facebook and Twitter are quite common now,…

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