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5 things the best job seekers don’t ask in interviews (and what they say instead)

The job interview is the perfect time not just to answer questions but to ask them too. If you're considering spending the next few years of your career with an employer, you must have all kinds of questions about the role, responsibilities, working culture and more. But while the interview…

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Case Study – How we transformed Tameside College’s recruitment

We've saved hundreds of companies significant amounts of money on their recruitment over the years. We recently showed you what we've done for animal welfare charity Cats Protection…and here's how we've helped out Tameside College. Prior to coming on board with Blue Octopus in 2013, Tameside College used a combination…

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How to send messages on LinkedIn for free

One of the best things about LinkedIn is how it helps you get in touch with new people who can drive your career forward. The ability to send messages to others is a valuable feature, but unfortunately it’s one that LinkedIn will often want to charge you for…that is, unless…

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When is it time to change your career?

Giving up your current career path to embrace something else is sometimes seen as a mistake, especially once you have a few years of work experience under your belt. It’s often difficult to crack into a new industry, and while it’s expected that those leaving school or university are approaching…

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You’ve got your GCSEs: what next?

Today is results day for hundreds of thousands of GCSE students up and down the UK – perhaps you're one of them. If you didn't get the results you were hoping for, or even if you did, you might well be wondering what your next steps should be to obtain…

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5 ways to motivate your employees on a Monday morning

Keeping your staff happy and engaged can be tricky, especially on a Monday. While some of us can quite happily get right back in the saddle after a weekend, most people do need a bit of extra time to get out of the weekend mindset and really get things done.…

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The top 5 jobs of the future

When you're planning a career path to follow for the next fifty years, you'll want to be sure of choosing something that lasts. Of course it's hard to know what jobs are likely to be around further down the line, but there are plenty of industries that will doubtless not only…

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5 jobs where you can make a difference

Often it's not enough that a job just pays the bills; it's important to know that you're making the world a better place. For many people it's the best way to get job satisfaction, and as we've explored before, being content with your work is crucial to your overall happiness…

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Why choose a career in HR

Out all of the roles that exist in a standard workplace, HR is among the least understood. What do human resources professionals actually do? What are they good at? And what does it take to work in an HR department? Here are just some of the reasons you might well…

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