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The best jobs in the world?

Not sure where your next career opportunity lies? It's not easy to decide what you should do for a living, so to help you make your decision, we're taking a look at what are often perceived to be some of the best jobs out there. As amazing as some of…

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Why do we offer the best recruitment in Leeds?

We're not the only recruitment specialists in Leeds - far from it, in fact. There are many in the area, and very many more nationwide who handle recruitment all over the country. Our clients choose us however, and an impressive amount of them renew (86% at last count!) Why are they convinced…

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Employ people who are better than you: 4 tips from top recruiters

We all want to improve our recruitment, and who better to learn from than some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time? A company is defined by the quality of its staff, so you can be sure they know a thing or two about picking the very best people…

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What is the candidate thinking when they read your job ad?

When recruiting for a role, the job ad is one of the most important things to get right. You might be the greatest company to work for, offering the best job in the world, but if the advert fails to properly present the job, then you really will miss out…

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Blue Octopus wins another marketing award at Onrec awards!

Blue Octopus are pleased to announce that we've come away with another marketing award at the Onrec awards! Last night's awards saw this Yorkshire-based online recruitment company up against some stiff competition. Nevertheless we were recognised for our hard work – and are very happy that the whole company can…

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How to manage an employee with long-term illness

When one of your employees becomes ill or disabled, one of their big worries will be how it will affect their work. The future will be uncertain, but it's your duty as an employer to help them work out how to move ahead. Employees with health conditions that affect their…

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Octo Recruitment Technology – Advanced Talent Pool Feature Launch

Talent Projects - use project folders and organise your talent like a head hunter! With the New Year come new features, and Blue Octopus is excited to tell you about the latest addition to its outstanding recruitment technology solution. New to Octo is the Talent Projects feature which helps employers…

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What’s different about Blue Octopus?

Every good business should offer something different from the competition; customers don't see value in a company that offers the same services and experiences as everyone else. So when you're considering using a recruitment company, it helps to be able to see what each one does differently from the rest,…

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What it takes to create an award-winning service

We’re proud first and foremost of the service we deliver for our clients – Blue Octopus places over a thousand candidates every year and we have an excellent rate of renewal among our clients. You don’t just have to take our word for it however, as there’s a collection of…

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