Blue Octopus netted the BCFC deal back in August 2016, but this project wasn’t a typical recruitment system build. We knew that Octo’s flexibility would be the key to the success of this recruitment project.

We met with the football club and took a very consultative approach to understanding their bespoke hiring needs. BCFC are continuously having to recruit and manage match day staff – which can be unnecessarily stressful, without the correct tools, or with insufficient software.

After meeting with them we gained an understanding of how we could vastly improve their current recruitment process by adapting our agile recruitment technology ‘Octo’ to streamline their recruitment processes. Birmingham City football club had a system in place which was very clunky making day to day HR tasks very time consuming. Their system was rigid and, despite requests from the BCFC HR team to the software provider, it could not be adapted.

The process was disjointed and they needed a more flexible offering to free up valuable time within HR to focus on more important work. We knew that Octo, our in-house built technology solution, could assist. With some custom modifications and development, we could create something that would be bespoke for what the football club required which would, in turn, save them valuable time and money.

The bespoke extensions of the system would have to do the following:

– Send SMS messages to pools of candidates to alerts them of upcoming events

– Support vacancy requests

– Allow candidates to book interview slots that have been setup through the system by the recruitment managers

– Support a bespoke application process – with auto scoring features

– Link to their time and management system Vantage – via an onboarding feature

– Provide an end to end process to link up the current disjointed way of working

– When match day staff move into higher wage brackets we notify payroll

– Provide a password protected document library

– Export/Print attendance lists of all the match day staff for upcoming events

– Improve the candidate journey

– Promote the BCFC recruitment brand to potential employees

With several areas of custom development involved the system took longer to launch, but we are happy to report that the new system went live in January and the new BCFC careers site went live in March. You can view the careers site here:

The careers site was designed to showcase the BCFC brand as an employer of choice, and give potential employees an insight into what it is like to work for the football club. The careers site is fully responsive and company events and recruitment news can be shared on the integrated blog.

If you would like find out more about bespoke recruitment solutions provided by Blue Octopus, then please drop us a line.

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