Careers micrositeIt’s no secret that the job seeking process is now mainly an online experience for most candidates…those newspaper adverts are as much an antique as Uncle Sam’s recruitment posters.

With this evolution, online recruitment companies like Blue Octopus are able to offer clients a comprehensive services so that expensive agency fees are a thing of the past. But how do you ensure that you are making the most of the online recruitment market? Companies are attracting job seekers to their websites but how can you convert these interested individuals into your next employee of the month?

Candidates will be looking at your website and checking out the employers as much as employers are looking for candidates, so your company need to be looking its best! Companies need to ensure that the online experience is easy so that potential employees aren’t getting frustrated by looking through the company website and not being able to find out information about roles, the benefits of working at the company, or apply for jobs otherwise they will drop off and go looking elsewhere.

With all this online traffic a lot of clients ask me shouldn’t we keep the careers section on our main site as a /careers for example to gain more hits? In theory there are benefits to both sides of this argument, I am going to be highlighting the benefits of having a dedicated careers micro site (this could be a separate URL or a subdomain of the existing main site) which I feel is the better option, here’s why:

A better user experience:

To create a better candidate experience a dedicated careers site is essential, it is vital to ensure that candidates have a positive experience when dealing with your company. Even if they don’t get the job they apply for make sure that they will be happy to come back and apply for more roles in the future. Keep them up to date with relevant call to actions like ‘sign up for email alerts’.

bury college 2Attract your ideal audience:

The great thing about a dedicated micro site is that you can carefully identify your chosen audience and target them with relevant content to drive them to the site. This way you’re not just relaying on the ‘outreach’ job advertisements and you can make your website supplement the traffic to your vacancies.

traffic graphBetter analytics:

With a careers site you will be able to have more insight into your traffic and the campaigns that might or might not be working for you. You will also be able to easily identify your candidate audience and focus your recruitment around this, without all the data being bunched up with your main website information about users such as clients or stakeholders.

Create recruitment brand:

You might have noticed that a lot of bigger companies create a sub brand for their careers sites, this helps the brand establish a more staff focused approach to their company. The company is then able to sell the company to the potential employees as an exciting, fun place to work and promote all the benefits of working there. You will notice that the most successful careers sites are quite visual and show employees in working environment enjoying what they do. You can also do this by telling success stories and showing how staff can progress within the company.

octo-screenshotRecruitment technology:

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your careers site it is essential that you have outstanding recruitment software implemented into it. Recruitment technology can act as a central hub for your recruitment and save you significate amounts of time on your hiring processes, while keeping everything organised and accessible. We would highly recommend ‘Octo’ Blue Octopus’ purpose built recruitment technology, it has everything that any recruiter could require.

Customise your page data for SEO:

As your careers site will be a separate to your main site you will be able to customise your SEO data for the site and focus the content around keywords that you feel your candidates will be entering into the search engines, you will then stand a much better chance of those candidates visiting your careers site. Over time you time will gain a stronger ranking for candidate focused terms like ‘retail jobs yorkshire’ which will push you up the search engine ranks. If you are wanting to supplement this ranking you could also invest in some PPC, but be aware that this isn’t a long term solution. If you have the resources then generating good quality content from a careers blog can prove very effective for driving job seekers to your site, given that the content is engaging.

If you feel that your company could benefit from a quality careers site, please get in touch with Blue Octopus today.

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