The best job?

Not sure where your next career opportunity lies? It’s not easy to decide what you should do for a living, so to help you make your decision, we’re taking a look at what are often perceived to be some of the best jobs out there.

As amazing as some of them sound, every job has its cons as well as its pros (unless you work in online recruitment, of course). Here’s what you need to know.

Prime minister

As it’s Election Day, we got to thinking: isn’t the top spot in government one of the very best you could get? A cushy position where you go to fancy parties and tell everyone what to do sounds like a dream come true, but are there any drawbacks to the role?

Plenty, we’re guessing: there’s a soul-crushing amount of responsibility involved, and whoever forms the next government in this country will be subject to a barrage of public criticism and media scrutiny. Good luck to them, should they choose to tuck into a bacon sandwich in public in the next five years.


For those who really want to reach for the stars, you could try to train as an astronaut. To go into space has always been many people’s biggest ambition, so with the proper profile and training, there’s no reason why you couldn’t blast off into the great unknown.

Among the downsides are that you’re constantly at risk with no-one around to help. Not to mention, the chances of making it out there are currently slim – although with increased recent interest in Mars colonisation and space tourism, who knows?

Taste tester

If you fancy something a little more down to earth, you could always get a job in product development for the food industries…in other words, tasting and reviewing the newest foods to help create the perfect biscuit, burger, beer, or whatever it might be. If you’re someone who sends food back in restaurants because the fennel flavour isn’t quite coming through, it could be the job for you.

It’s not quite the same as being paid to stuff your face however as you’ll be expected to give detailed and thoughtful analyses of the samples you taste. There are also tasters for cat and dog food, so not everyone with this role is exactly living the dream.


Famous actors seem to have it all: money, fame and invites to glitzy parties. And all for speaking lines that somebody else has written. It sounds like an amazing career choice to us.

Of course, being rich and famous is far from the norm for an actor, and the vast majority of actors never make enough to make it their main vocation. The same applies to almost any role in media or entertainment – be realistic about your chances of becoming the next Brad Pitt, Emma Watson or Scarlett Johansson.


What could be better than saving lives? Doctors, nurses and other medical workers make an invaluable contribution to society and go home after every shift knowing what they do matters. It’s obviously not for everyone though – you’ll need years of education, mountains of student debt and, we’re guessing, a strong stomach to qualify.

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