Blue Octopus Recruitment Award Winner


The Onrec awards at St Paul’s – The Grange have been an eagerly awaited night, Blue Octopus were shortlisted for four awards in a range of categories such as marketing, technical innovation and candidate experience. Kelly Laurenson and Steph Long went to London to represent Blue Octopus and were rubbing shoulders with corporate giants like Game, Sky Betting and Sainsbury’s. Both were very hopeful for candidate experience award following a year of dedicated work on the candidate journey through the service and our recruitment technology platform ‘Octo’.

Our work over the past year has improved the applicant’s journey from their initial job search through to the application process and finally to the selection process. Key to this are transparency, branding and navigation.

With candidates in mind, the application process has been greatly improved. Two major factors of this are the user interface and the responsive design. For First Class clients we create a custom design in line with the company’s brand guidelines to promote continuity and the client brand throughout the process.

Kelly Laurenson stated the following after receiving the award: “I was extremely proud to stand up and receive this well-deserved award on behalf of my team”.

“The candidate experience is a crucial part of the service we offer, we take great pride in keeping our candidates happy and up to date with their applications. Our SLA’s are very important for ensuring that we are continually maintaining high levels of service.”

This award is a fantastic achievement, well done team.

If you are interested in finding out more about our award winning service please drop us a line.

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