smarthpone apps for recruitmentIn the ever-changing and sometimes complicated world of online recruitment, you need the proper tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. One of the most powerful pieces of kit you could need is literally at your fingertips for most of the day – your mobile phone.

With such a wide range of apps and features, there’s almost no side to your recruitment that can’t be managed or even improved upon by bringing your smartphone into the workflow. That means you can get so much done no matter where you are – on the train, or just when waiting around for a few minutes here or there. Here’s a quick overview of just some of the ways you can do more on the move.


You already know that Skype is a great tool for making video and voice calls over the internet. But have you ever used it to conduct interviews with job candidates? The smartphone versions of the app are smooth and easy, and if you prop or mount the phone somewhere steady, there’s no need for your arm to get tired of holding it!

A busy train carriage might not be the best place to carry on an interview, but if you’re somewhere private and away from your work computer (at home, for example), having a quick video chat on your phone could be really useful.

Mobile Octo

We launched the mobile view for our web-based online recruitment software, Octo, recently…and it’s only getting better. With virtually every aspect of the process easily accessible through your phone’s browser, it’s easy to create ads, review and score candidates, stay in touch with your team, and more, no matter where you are.

Among the new features added to Octo is SMS alerts for candidates, reminding them of things such as interview time and location. This helps cut down on no-shows and confusion by making use of the tools that people carry with them all the time.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Did you know there’s a LinkedIn app specially designed for recruiters? This app makes it simpler to discover and send InMails to candidates and puts the features you use most first and foremost. This specialised app is much more focused than the standard version but you will need a paid Recruiter account with the business networking site in order to take advantage.


Evernote is virtually essential for anyone who often finds their hands full. It’s a note-taking app that’s surprisingly full-featured and includes reminders and scheduling capabilities. So you can take notes on candidates, set reminders for interviews and have it all synced across devices. It’s particularly useful to organise campaigns and candidates into their own workbooks, so you can bring up all the information you need right away.

What tools could not get along without? How do you find your phone helps you with onboarding – beyond the obvious? Let us know in the comments!

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