nursing a s a career

Some would say nursing is one of the most worthwhile careers out there – how many jobs are there where your role is to save people’s lives? Though it’s an enormous commitment, both in training and in practice, anyone in medicine could tell you just how valuable they are to the health service.

Here’s just a few reasons why nursing might just be the career for you.

It matters

A major cause of upset for working people is the sense that their job doesn’t really make a difference in the world. And since we spend so long at work, negative feelings about what you do can badly affect your health and motivation in all parts of life.

Luckily, nurses know that their role is crucial – they provide vital, lifesaving care. Nursing is far from the only career that measurably improves – and saves – people’s lives, but it’s certainly a good choice on that basis.

Great hours and pay

Many people have an image of nurses as working long hours with very little pay. Actually this isn’t true: full-time nurses in the NHS work 37.5 hours per week – a standard working week. Shifts can also be very flexible to fit around whatever other commitments you may have, such as childcare, education, or just a social life.

The pay in the NHS is better than you might expect as well. With a starting salary of over £21,000, you’ll be able to start paying back your student loan right away. All nurses are on a clearly defined pay scale as well, so you’ll know whether your salary is in line with your experience and how long it’ll take to get up to the top salary of £97,500. (The potential for progression is excellent, by the way.) In private practice, of course, you can earn even more.

You can get out of the hospital

Not all nurses work inside a hospital. Nurses are needed in all kinds of different environments, from prisons to schools and patients’ homes. District nurses travel daily, and many institutions have a need for nurses, especially where it is not possible or practical for patients to travel for care – so you could end up working nearly anywhere.

You can do it

We’ll be honest – it’s far from easy being a nurse. However, getting into the profession is easier than you might think. Even if you didn’t do brilliantly at school, or don’t consider yourself technical enough to do it, you might be surprised at what a great nurse you’d make.

Though there’s a lot to master – and the learning never stops – soft skills will help you go a long way in nursing. From interpersonal skills, to quick thinking and calmness under pressure, there’s bound to be something that makes you suited to the profession. Nurses may have all kinds of backgrounds as well, so it doesn’t matter if your current career path has nothing to do with nursing – you can start with a three year degree and go from there.

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