As the winter nights draw in and we begin the seasonal change to winter, where the mornings stay darker and by the time we leave work, night has already fallen. Everybody seems to be slowing down but that doesn’t mean that your recruitment efforts should freeze.

At this time of the year it’s almost as if recruitment activity matches the temperature, everyone and everything seems to slow down from a recruitment perspective (apart from retail) but that doesn’t mean that your recruitment should go into hibernation; here are few reasons why:


Keep your talent pool warm and interested in the company

Don’t just abandon that talent pool that you have been building all year! It’s always best practise to keep the potential candidates, that have clearly shown interest within your company, up to date. Spend some time sifting through your talent pool and remind yourself of your strongest candidates. Send a personal message to the candidates, if it’s appropriate, and update them on your upcoming recruitment – keep them warm!


Beat the competition!

By advertising your vacancy when others are winding down their recruitment you are going to have a lot less competition. Less competition would put you in pole position for your chosen target audience. Candidates tend to be more reluctant to make a career move just before Christmas, but if the position is right then the majority will still apply.

This is a really good opportunity to get ahead of the competition. If you know of any positions that you will be hiring for in the near future, it might be worth considering hiring for these at an earlier time. This will allow your new employee to have a more enjoyable on-boarding experience and you will also be able to dedicate more time to them. This means that they will be ready to give it 100% when the work picks up.


Build your recruitment brand!

Creating a strong employee brand can dramatically influence your candidates which, in turn, can help your company attract the best talent. There are many ways in which you can improve your recruitment brand. Having a dedicated careers site is a great way to advertise directly to your potential talent. You will be able to promote your company as a positive recruiter and also showcase things like – your employee benefits, learning and development and also give users an insight into what it is like to work for your company with employee profile and success stories. Obviously a careers site can’t be designed overnight so it’s worth investing some time into this as it can be very rewarding. Your application process can also affect a candidates’ perception of your recruitment brand. It should be a straight forward and enjoyable experience for candidates (on all devices) to apply for your vacancies.


So wake up sleepy recruiters! It is the perfect time of year to focus on your recruitment.

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