It was announced last week that the social media giant, Facebook will be rolling out its own job posting app to businesses in the USA and Canada. The idea is a simple one, and let’s be honest, I’m surprised that it has taken so long for them to launch this idea. With over 1.86 billion monthly active users, the social media platform has quite easily the biggest reach of all their rivals.

Pretty much everyone has a profile these days and, with this latest addition, Facebook will keep on conquering the social media world for years to come. But how will it work?

Users who already have a business will no doubt be used to the ‘Pages app’, which allows businesses to stay in contact with their followers in a really straight forward way. It’s simple yet effective interface is used by over 50 million businesses worldwide. Now, with the latest addition of Job Posting, it will make the app an even more important one to have.

The new feature will allow employers to post vacancies on their Facebook page. Once a vacancy is posted, candidates can submit an application by clicking on the ‘’Apply Now’’ button. This will send you through to an application form. It will pre-populate with the account information which you provided when setting up your Facebook profile, including name, mobile number, email address and any other information on your profile, such as education and employment. There will also be a comments box with a 1,000-character limit so that candidates can showcase their skills and promote their qualities, explaining why they should be considered for the role.

When it comes down to job searching; candidates can search for roles up to 100 miles from their chosen location. The search engine will be able to sort through broad industry categories such as education, retail and professional services to name just a few. You will also be able to choose from part-time, full-time and contract positions. One thing is for certain though, you must make sure that those drunken photos that you are tagged in aren’t available for all to see. As the recruiting employer will be able to see everything that’s on your public profile, it’s best to check your privacy settings before applying for any positions.

One thing to mention is ad spend, as you will now be able to promote the advertised job on Facebook by just posting it on your page. This is all well and good, but it will only be seen by those who have Liked your page or if someone has shared it on their timeline and others see it from there. So be prepared to ‘’Boost’’ your post by spending some money and increasing the overall reach.

Even if you do boost your vacancies, there is no guarantee that you are going to attract a quality target audience. The service from a recruitment provider is still really important for proactively attracting talent. It would seem that Facebook will be looking to act more like a job board and has a long way to go in rivalling the services which are offered by recruitment companies such as Blue Octopus, with a dedicated team who will proactively search for suitable candidates and also advertise through range job boards and social media platforms to ensure that the ideal target audience is reached.

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