Top 10 Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Undoubtedly, the most nerve-racking part of anyone’s job seeking process is the interview stage. With so many different interviewing techniques being implemented by employers it’s impossible to provide set advice on what will get you hired. Being prepared for your interview however, will give you a significant advantage.

Interview AdviceIt’s inevitable you’ll be asked questions at your interview and knowing the most frequently asked interview questions can help you to prepare. It’s also worth asking yourself the questions before writing a cover letter as it can help structure and focus your pitch…

1. What makes you more employable/stand out over the other candidates?

This is definitely worth considering when writing a cover letter, play to your strengths and mention any experience which is relevant to the position. Try to think of 5 key attributes that would make you a valuable team member.

2. How does this position appeal to you and how does it fit into your career path?
Due to the high volumes of candidates applying for each role employers are seeking passionate, dedicated employees to keep staff turnover levels to a minimum. This is the where you can mention your ultimate career goals that are obviously within the position’s niche.

3. If you could describe yourself in only five words what would they be?
Consider 3 skills that relate to your working style and two which describe you as a person. No one is a robot and employers like to know what kind of personality they’d be introducing to the workplace.

4. What were your reasons for leaving previous employment(s)?
This is often asked on application forms and you will be asked to elaborate at the interview. Avoid slandering your previous boss or blaming them, you’ll come across as a troublesome employee.

5. What are your salary expectations for this role?
This question confuses many people, do you go high or do you undervalue yourself? The only solution is to think realistic. Put the amount you’d be happy working for, if you say an amount you consider to be low you’ll only feel degraded if offered the position anyway.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
There’s no doubt you’d expect to see this one among the most frequently asked interview questions. Avoid saying anything which leads the interviewer to believe you don’t intend to stay loyal to their company.

7. When have you had to deal with a great deal of pressure and how did you handle the situation?
This may seem like a challenging question but it actually gives you the perfect opportunity to boast your organisational and problem solving skills. Have an answer to this question before attending any customer-based role interview.

8. What can you tell me about current news and affairs within our industry?
It’s worth researching industry related news a few days prior to your interview so you can fluently discuss industry news and demonstrate your understanding of the business. It also expresses interest and gives you an advantage – the other candidates may not have performed their research.

9. How do you take to criticism?
The obvious choice here is to avoid anything negative regarding criticism. Try to think of an anecdote of when you’ve utilised criticism to improve a skill or quality.

10. Do you have any questions?
This is the most likely to occur of all the frequently asked interview questions. This is your chance to shine by asking industry-specific questions. Think of current trending technologies and ask how they-re utilising them within the business. Avoid questions like “how long will I get for my dinner?” it shouts lack of commitment and immense immaturity.

When preparing for your interview, consider researching what kind of business the company is to get a better idea of the type of questions that will be fired at you. The old cliché of “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” sums up job interviews nicely.

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