Working-SantasMany employers will be hiring extra staff to deal with the increased footfall in shops during the holiday season, although for the majority this will only be on a part-time/temporary basis.

However this can be a great way to get a job if you have been struggling for work and depending on your preferred field, it could be a ‘foot in the door’ and a step towards the career you wish to pursue.

So here are a few tips you can employ to try and turn that temporary job into a full-time position:

  • Positive Presentation – Treat every day like it’s your first; get to work a bit earlier, dress professionally/the part, don’t get complacent or slack off because you feel under-appreciated or think that bosses don’t care or notice, because they do.
  • Dive In – After your initial training don’t just accept that’s it, instead commit to learn more. Take note of what full time employees do and be proactive in learning their roles/skills to further help your bid for full time employment.
  • Shine Through – Work hard and out-do colleagues if applicable. Be a team member and make contributions to the overall work effort.
  • Build Relationships – Socialise with other employees and most importantly management; make yourself noticed. Make an effort to get along with others in the workplace as this will always be a positive for any future employment you want within a company. Bosses prefer harmony amongst staff as a happy workforce is a more productive one.
  • Communicate Passion – Let management know that you wish for a full time position and that you’re driven enough, highlighting your work record and/or the positive things you may have brought/did to the company. If needed inform them you’re willing to go on courses and that you would like to be considered if a full time position becomes available.

Hopefully with these steps you can turn that part time/temporary job into something more permanent, or at the very least be recognised for your hard work so that you can use your employer as a reference to help secure that full time role in another company.

Stay positive as you never know if that part time role could potentially be the first step toward a long career.

Good luck in that holiday role and have a Happy Christmas from all at Blue Octopus!


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