Now that we’ve been in the business for over five years, we can safely say we’ve attained some success. The Yorkshire online recruitment company Blue Octopus has placed thousands of people in work, registered half a million candidates and consistently smashed its own sales targets. We think one of the best measures of the quality of a service though is in the number of renewing and returning customers.

When a business has a high rate of renewals you can be sure that they excel not only at making promises but at keeping them and delivering great service over the long haul.

All of this brings us to our own figures, which show that 86% of Blue Octopus clients renew their recruitment campaigns.Blue-Octopus-Trophy-Cabinet

Broadly speaking, we attribute this high percentage to the fact that we provide a consistent, guaranteed service that clients can believe in.

Providing a wide range of recruitment services, we take the stress out of our customers’ hiring processes. Through a strong Service Level Agreement, you can be assured that your role will be filled in a timely way, which makes a refreshing change from the uncertain world of agency recruiting.

Clients have an incredible amount of faith in our service that they soon find to be well-founded. As our clients pay upfront we do recognise that this trust exists and this is part of what spurs us to do everything we can to fill each role to our clients’ total satisfaction. We very rarely disappoint!

And that’s all without mentioning our fantastic fixed fee service that can save you thousands of pounds.

Looking at it this way, you could almost ask: why is the renewal rate not even higher?

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons that a client might make the choice not to renew…for example that they are freezing recruitment for the time being, or that a renewal is not yet in the budget. We hear from many clients that they would like to renew but can’t at the present time – and then later they do.

Having said that though, we’re aware there’s always room to improve. We’re sure we can get higher than 80% and so one of our new year’s resolutions for 2015 is to strengthen every part of the service, placing more people, reaching more clients and growing the company. We hope to have you on board!

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