Chances are that by now, your workplace has entered fully into the Christmas spirit. It’s also around this time of year that you’ll notice if you’ve hired someone in the past twelve months who’s a bit of a grumbler.

Do they do nothing but moan and complain and frown? Do they gripe and grouse and get others down? When they enter a room and their coworkers cringe…You may just have your own office Grinch!

Here’s some more ways that Dr. Seuss’ most loved/hated creature would wreak havoc in your office.

They ruin Christmas for others

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and neither should they be required to enter into the spirit of the season if they’d prefer not to. Non-participation has to be respected, especially if someone’s religious or cultural background is a factor.

Having said that, in many workplaces there are those who for whatever reason actively try to suppress other people’s enjoyment of the season. Attempting to bring others down doesn’t make for a good working environment at any time of year unfortunately, so for the Grinch in your office who takes down decorations and grumbles about Secret Santa, a quiet word may be in order.

They hold grudges

As massive fans of the film (that’s us!) will know, the Grinch’s hatred of all things festive arise in part from his childhood torment at the hands of the mayor of Whoville. Grudges are unhealthy and in the workplace can create a hostile working environment for those around the Grinch as well.

HR professionals should be able to help mediate any conflicts – rather than let a grudge affect someone as deeply as the green meanie’s did.

They play pranks

Many of us enjoy practical jokes, but the office is a place to work not to play. Not to mention that there are lots of others who hate pranks, particularly poorly thought out ones designed to humiliate or hurt.

With the Grinch in the workplace, everyone would be too busy being shocked, surprised, annoyed and terrorised to get anything done. He wouldn’t last long in a corporate environment.

They bring their dog everywhere

OK, it’s not Christmas related, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Almost as well known as the Grinch himself is his faithful dog, Max. Max helps his master out with all his zany schemes – the pair are hardly seen separated.

Not everyone wants to share their workplace with a dog however, and we’re sure if the Grinch had a job, he’d insist on bringing Max along. Just another reason you wouldn’t want to manage this monster.

They have poor personal hygiene

The Grinch has been alone so long, he doesn’t care what others think about him. By all accounts he smells terrible, and his home is a mess, even by the standards of someone who lives in a cave. Imagine what his workstation would look like.

If the Grinch came and worked for you, he’d need to clean up his act…and a shave wouldn’t hurt either.

Want to avoid recruiting your own villain this Christmas? Get in touch with us and let’s talk how we can recruit top talent for your organisation.

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