It seems quite an obvious statement, but this is something that can often get forgotten in the day to day tasks of running a business. As a business owner or CEO, keeping your staff happy should be at the very top of your priority list. Maintaining a happy workforce is the key to keeping your company productive.

Giving employee’s a bonus or a good wage is a great way to boost happiness in the short term, but if you are looking for a long-term solution to productivity then happiness is the most sustainable option.

Employees who enjoy their working environment won’t see a job as ‘work’ and will be more inclined to get more done and put in more hours. As the old proverb goes ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’, although this statement isn’t necessarily factual, it still gets the point across – if you enjoy what you do, then it won’t seem like work.

Here are five reasons why happy employees are more productive:

1. If morale is high then there are going to be less quarrels with your staff, each individual team member will also be working hard to impress their fellow employees. This will also make your HR team more productive as they wont be wasting time on petty squabbles between colleagues.
2. If employees are happier then they will communicate with clients in a much more positive manner, this will strengthen the client relationship with that individual and as a knock on affect, strengthen the client relationship with the company.
3. Happy people are more creative; they can focus all that creative energy on their work and generate some really positive ideas!
4. Glass half full not half empty. Happy employees are optimistic; they will solve problems not complain about them. If your employees are unhappy and not enjoying their working environment then they will turn every molehill into a mountain. Happy employees on the other hand, simply plough through any obstacle in their way as they have a positive outlook towards solving issues.
5. Happy staff want to come to work! More time at work equals more productivity.

If you’re wanting to keep your business productive you are going to have to set the example from the top… Invest in a ‘funometre’ and make sure that it is always set on high!

Help Resources:

A study of 700 Brits was taken by that proved the importance of happiness for productivity in the workplace.

Cheryl Stein from Monster has written an excellent article on simple ways to cultivate a happy workplace definitely worth a read if this article has inspired you to fun up your office.

Here’s one for the CEO’s, the Huffington post recently posted this blog 10 Simple things the CEO can do to create happiness



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