In 1989 Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale not only created the film Back to The Future II, but they also predicted how technology would evolve by the year that the film was set 2015. It’s incredible to think that they managed to feature, wall mounted flat screen televisions, with multi-channel viewing, hands free gaming, tablet computers with finger print scanners and head mounted displays to name just a few things, a whole 26 years before present day. I guess you’re thinking what has this got to do with recruitment? As anyone will know who works in recruitment, the industry is never static – it is always embracing new technologies to improve existing processes. Which brings us on to the huge influence that video has had on recruitment over the past decade.

You just have to go back to the 1980s to see vacancy notices pinned to shop windows and the like asking for candidates to ‘’apply within’’. Those who did and were offered the job, would start the following day. In the 1990s it was down to scouring through the local FREE Ad’s newspaper and the job centre for vacancies.  This was common practice until the birth of the internet of the mid – nineties saw the start of online recruitment. Then came the recruitment boom of the 2000s, which coincided with the arrival of more powerful internet in the form of broadband. The days of dial up and not being able to use the telephone at the same time were long gone and broadband appeared in most homes in the UK. Fast forward to 2017 and nearly every member of the public has a smartphone, tablet and laptop. Recruiters have had to adapt and embrace these technologies – many have made communications much easier for recruiters with candidates and there really isn’t any need for ‘little black books’ of contacts anymore.

When candidates apply for a position currently, they have to attach an up to date CV to showcase their experience. This can be amended and tailor made to each individual role which the candidate applies for. The CV will be seen by the agency (or online recruiter) and passed on to the company recruiting for the role if they make the shortlist. With vacancies usually live for a minimum of four weeks, it could be a journey of six/seven weeks from applying for the role to actually being shortlisted and then being interviewed. Which can take some time as both parties need to find a convenient time to meet – this can slow down the process further, but could the traditional interview process be a thing of the past?

Imagine being able to have a face-to-face interview without having to leave the comfort of your home. Well, this dream has now become reality, as forward thinking recruiters like Blue Octopus have started introducing video interviewing.

New video interview feature within Octo

The video interviewing software has been integrated into the Blue Octopus recruitment technology Octo and can easily be switched on for Octo Premium and FirstClass clients.

This solution will benefit both the candidate and recruiter. If a candidate applies for a vacancy and the recruiter thinks that they would like to shortlist them, the interview can be conducted at a convenient time to suit both parties. You could be at home and using your webcam, or on holiday and using your smartphone. This would vastly increase the accessibility of the whole interview process, and could be as straight forward as taking a selfie.

The video interview feature which is setup within Octo allows candidates to submit videos for specific questions that have been assigned by the recruiting manager. This breaks up the interview process so that it’s not such a daunting task having to complete the whole process in one go.

An example of one of the questions could be ‘why do you feel you are suitable for this role?’. The candidate will be able to answer just as they would do in an interview, although there would be one big benefit, they would be able to review their video before submitting. Essentially this gives the candidate the power to rewind time in an interview situation – which would be pretty handy if you feel that you could have performed better or forgot to mention something that was important to the hiring mangers question. This should alleviate some of the stress that goes hand in hand with an interview and help the candidate be more relaxed throughout the process and perform to 100% of their capabilities.

Once the candidate’s video has been submitted the recruiter can view at a convenient time to them, saving them time and not eating up a full day out of their busy work schedule. The beauty of video is that the recruiter has a visual look at each candidate. So, it’s probably best that candidates dress to impress as though you are going for an interview and not in your PJ’s, remember first impressions do count.

This feature will definitely prove useful for hiring mangers and assist in saving time and money throughout the hiring process by removing the need for travel costs. If you would like to find out more about this feature feel free to contact your Client Delivery Manager or email

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