cost-effective-recruitmentIt is clear that the double dip recession has made the UK tighten its purse strings, companies are equally reviewing budgets and looking at all expenditure and areas for potential cost savings. HR along with all areas of a business remain in the spotlight, budgets are under scrutiny whilst expectations on service levels continue to grow.

An area which traditionally has accounted for a large % of most HR budgets would be recruitment, although the need to attract high calibre candidates remains this must be achieved in a robust and compliant manner without a high price tag.

Therefore HR departments are now looking at new innovative ways of saving money and time in this key area. Instead of spending thousands on recruitment with tradition methods such as agencies and newspapers, a lot of companies are making the switch to online recruitment companies like Blue Octopus. The company will still receive a focused quality service, providing a cost effective solution that will allow them to focus on other priority areas of the HR agenda.

Cutting the costs on your recruitment budget doesn’t mean that you have to start settling for a lesser service, quite the opposite. The recruitment model such as the one Blue Octopus offer can realise not only cost savings, but time savings for an increasingly busy HR function.

Guest blog provided by HeyBridge Associates

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