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Blue Octopus is currently launching its new candidate experience. But what do we mean by ‘candidate experience’, and why does it matter?

What we’re releasing is a new process for candidates to apply for jobs which is simple, modern, and is quick to use. A positive application experience is a vital part of getting candidates to find your roles and complete an application that best showcases their skills.

Among the new features is a fully responsive application process, a social sign in allowing job seekers to register and log in to their job seeker profile using their LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook account, meaning it’s faster than ever to get started, not to mention one less password to remember.

Plus, our First Class clients get bespoke application process with a logo and custom design based on their branding. Unlike other systems this puts your recruitment brand at centre stage and promotes a positive experience from the application to the job offer – this helps create a consistent candidate process throughout.

The candidate experience is often neglected for a number of reasons: recruiters don’t know how to make the experience better, they don’t see it as a priority, or they think candidates should automatically be grateful for having the opportunity to apply.

However employers need candidates just as much as candidates need them, and a poor candidate experience can turn job seekers off an employer very quickly. Not only that, but the best candidates are the most likely to look elsewhere, as they have options and are not so willing to spend their time navigating a poorly planned interface.

We want to ensure that all candidates receive a high quality experience from discovering the employer through to offer or decline. That’s how to attract the most promising job seekers who will make the biggest difference in the organisations that they go on to work for. To find out more about how we help candidates and clients, request a brochure or book a technology demo – just get in touch on or call 01943 461 327!

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