David Gawthorpe new staff memberWe sat down for a few moments with the newest arrival to the Blue Octopus team, David Gawthorpe (Head of Sales & Training). It’s a brand new role and we thought we’d find out a little about what it will involve, as well as what makes David tick! Over to David:

First of all, how do you like your tea?

Black with three. And just for reference, I like coffee white with three, Guinness in pints, and Jack Daniels in doubles!

Can you tell us a little about what your new role involves and what you hope to achieve in it?

The new role marks a real focus from directors Chris and Liam to invest in the growth of our sales team. I won’t be selling our services directly to clients, and therefore I can dedicate 100% to growing, developing and managing our crack team of Client Delivery Managers! For the first few weeks I’ll be getting my head around the business, and spending time with all of our different teams. I’ll then be out and about with the CDMs, before embarking on project number one – recruiting new CDMs. Once that ball is rolling, I’ll be developing the training and development package for ‘the newbies’ before their arrival.

What were you doing prior to this?

A potted CV…After completing my Master’s degree in 2003, I started my recruitment career in 2003 joining a headhunting firm in Leeds. Progressing quickly from Trainee in 2003 to Manager in 2006, I personally led the growth of the UK Pensions Operations practice, generating triple digit growth in headcount and revenue. In 2009 I spent a year in a Leadership Consultancy working at board level to implement leadership development programmes, before returning to headhunting in 2010. The last 5 years have been spent as a Director, growing two new divisions (Legal & Tax) and leading the firm’s graduate scheme – until joining Blue Octopus last week!

What attracted you to Blue Octopus?

The drive for even more growth and success from Chris & Liam, the focus on service and client delivery – pretty unique in my experience of the overall recruitment industry. Importantly for me, I wanted to join a firm that I could contribute to given my background and experience, and Blue Octopus is certainly that. Oh…and the business cards. You’ve got to love the business cards!

Finally, what do you get up to in your spare time?

Photography, drinking Guinness, scuba diving (diving with whale sharks next year!), drinking Guinness, travel, food (dab hand in the kitchen), drinking Guinness, movies (DVD collection to rival Netflix!). Did I mention Guinness?!

Thanks for chatting with us David…we’re looking forward to seeing you succeed in the new role!

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