It should be, it makes for a better working environment.


The office environment can be extremely stressful, with deadlines to be met and the pressures of work sometimes it can all get a bit much.
So you can understand why there is such a need to create a relaxed working environment for your staff. Did you know that in the UK we work the longest hours in the whole of Europe, anxiety and depression affects nearly one in five UK adults, reports the Office for National Statistics.

Introducing man’s best friend to your office can really help create a more positive working environment, below are a couple of companies that allow dogs in their offices and their thoughts on this:

Ben and Jerry’s

‘At Ben and Jerry’s dogs are happily welcomed in the office! On an average day, the number of dogs in the office can range from 12 up to about 20. Allowing them to join us here is a no-brainer: Ben and Jerry’s does its best to create a warm, happy work culture and dogs definitely help contribute to that! To ensure that they don’t become disruptive (which isn’t often the case), we have an official Canine Culture Document that outlines the rules that all employees have to follow should they decide to bring their friend to the office. The rules are pretty straight-forward and include things like: your dog must be clean and free of illness; your dog must be leashed when inside the building; dogs are not allowed in the kitchen or R&D food lab; and dogs must be cleaned up after when they go to the bathroom outdoors. It’s not that allowing dogs in the office is any revolutionary idea; it’s actually quite simple. But often times, it’s the little fun and quirky things that make all the difference!’

The Whole Caboodle

Thewholecaboodle1Here at Blue Octopus we often have furry visitors in our office we really feel that these canine colleagues are a great addition to the team, they increase productivity, make our employees happier and even improve relationships between our employees.“Our Caboodle office is full of energy and high spirits, and that’s partly due to the presence of our dogs. Clients know when they come to see us that they may bump into a dog or two, but we think that makes our office a bit more friendly, relaxed and welcoming. It’s a home from home environment and this brings out the best in people. We’ve even dedicated a page to our dogs on our website!” The Whole Caboodle is a digital agency in Yorkshire

Don’t forget to dog proof your office!

Professional pet therapist Sue Hartley from Life on Paws had this to say:-

“Researchers have been looking at the effects of dogs in the workplace for a number of years now. A recent study by Randolph Barker and his colleagues was published earlier this year in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. The research suggests that being around dogs in the workplace can reduce stress (which contributes to employee absenteeism, ‘burnout’ and reduced productivity) and boost morale, regardless of whether the employees had contact with their own or other people’s dogs. The researchers also concluded that the presence of dogs in the workplace can increase job satisfaction and enhance employee performance. Some of the animal welfare charities (for example, Blue Cross) are also fans of ‘pooch power’ because not only do the dogs have a positive impact on the employees (encouraging staff to take regular breaks and reducing staff stress levels through stroking and petting the dogs), it’s good for the dogs too as they get to spend less time at home on their own”.

Bert Back to School

If dogs are going to be brought in to the office, you should always be sure to follow these points:-

  • Dogs should be sufficiently confident to cope with a busy office environment so they don’t feel threatened or overwhelmed by it.
  • Dogs should be provided with a place for them to go to where they won’t be disturbed if they feel worried about anything or need to rest (a ‘safe haven’).
  • The dogs must be toilet trained.
  • You only take well behaved dogs into the office, for example they must know sit, stay and down.
  • The dogs must be good with strangers.
  • If there are other dogs in the workplace make sure that they will be able to get on.
  • The dogs must be clean and flea free.
  • The owner must bring all the dogs things such as a bed and food bowl etc.
  • That no one in the office is scared or allergic to dogs.
  • That the dog will have a comfortable place to lay down.
  • That the work place is equipped to have dogs; so there must be no lose wires or equipment that could be broken.

Don’t worry if you’re not allowed dogs in your office, you can always pop into the Blue Octopus office and meet our pets, you will also be able to discuss our innovative recruitment solution. Feel free to contact us

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