Following on from the great response to our first interview with Director Liam Coleman I asked him for some snippets of advice about taking some of the stress and hassle out of job hunting. Given the current economic climate and widespread worries with regard to the job market, many are likely to have become disheartened in their search for a new job. Hopefully these pointers will cast a little light on where people often go wrong and help you to increase your chances of ultimately landing that dream job:

What advice would you give to someone struggling to secure their ideal job?

Firstly you have to decide what you really want to do; the type of job where you will not be clock watching but instead embrace and enjoy the experience on a daily basis. We can all say we want to be this and that when we are young, but rarely realise what is specifically involved in this aspirational role. Once you have made a firm decision based on commitment to the industry and role, you need to apply for vacancies in a dedicated way. Search the careers sites, speak with experts like ourselves to look through what is available and when finding something that is of keen interest to you, make sure you apply in as much detail as you possibly can – really selling yourself as a product. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a tryer and people who are chasing that ideal job need to put that extra effort in to succeed. You can always seek work experience to help you gain the skills you require – this will strengthen your overall value to the prospective employer.

In your experience, where do people tend to go wrong when writing their CV?

It’s a tough one to call as we are all individuals. However I see so many CV’s on an everyday basis and the majority can roll into one it seems. I believe people should make their CV as individual as possible. It’s never going to change in terms of including your experience, qualifications etc but you really need to put your own stamp on what is your own product brochure. Opposed to it looking bland why not be creative? We all have people who can help us be that little more creative so seek assistance in putting your CV together if you struggle at any stage. Be different and stand out from the crowd.

Do you have any advice for people due to attend a job interview in the near future?

Always remember that it is a two way process. They are interviewing you and you are interviewing them. Always prepare thoroughly and always answer the interviewer’s questions in relevant, good detail. At the same time make sure you ask the right questions that mean something to you too; not just the run of the mill questions. If you are focussed on building a career then ask what career opportunities they can provide you with. Last but not least – always listen throughout and take a moment to understand any questions or observations before responding. Too many people don’t listen and enter auto pilot mode – Will you stand out doing that? Possibly not!


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