It doesn’t look like we’ll have flying vehicles and hover boards as was predicted in the film Back to The Future II, although it has recently been reported that in Dubai driveless drone taxis are being tested!

Over the coming years we are going to start seeing the introduction of more and more futuristic devices that would not look out of place in a science fiction movie. With this development in technology comes the opportunity for specialist job vacancies being created as a direct result of new technology.

Following on from our recent blog titled ‘Five jobs that weren’t around fifteen years ago’ where we looked at roles which have emerged in recent times, we look at five jobs that could be developed in the next fifteen years and what you should be looking at to possibly land one of these roles in the future.

Organ mechanic

Technology has come a long way in just fifteen years, as you can see from our previous blog about how technology has evolved. At present if someone needed a replacement organ, they would be placed on a waiting list for the correct match to become available. A human heart only lasts three hours when removed from the donor, meaning that there really isn’t a large window of opportunity.

But what if there was an alternative way of getting a replacement? I don’t think it is beyond the realms of possibility that a computerised organ isn’t far away from production. One stumbling block could be how a body would accept a mechanical object to replace an organ without rejecting it. If these products were to be put into production they would create a wide range of specialist opportunities, creating an affluent industry because people would be willing to pay for a lifesaving organ.


Along similar lines, within medical, we could see a rise in specialist machinery. Imagine living in a remote community and needing an urgent operation. Hospitals could have specialised robots in such locations. The surgeons could perform operations remotely by controlling the robots to perform delicate procedures while being at the other side of the planet. Dr’s with specialist skills are very hard to come by and can’t be everywhere at once, this development would be lifesaving and is certainly something that we could be seeing in the very near future.

3D Printed Food Chef

Although this is already happening on small scale, it could soon be implemented all over the world.

With an increasing population (estimated at almost 10 billion people by 2050) and limited farming lands, we are continually looking for sustainable solutions for the future. Could the sustainable solution to food be printing?

Imagine walking into a restaurant and being surrounded by printers! This could soon become reality as development is driving forward within this sector. Through funding from the likes of Nasa who are developing 3D printers to create ‘nutritious and flavourful’ recipes, suitable for astronauts to be used on extended missions. The idea is that the printer combines powders to produce the food that will replicate the texture, smell and taste of the original.

Once this technology has been perfected, a 3D printer could well be replacing your microwave!

­­Emoji Translator

It seems like only yesterday when you used to send a bog-standard text message. These days text messages are more exciting with the arrival of emoji’s in 2010 on most smartphone devices. You just have to look at social media and your newsfeed is full of them. Being an emoji translator sounds like a bizarre job, but utilising these quirky icons in the right context can be the difference between making a sale or missing out on one.

All platforms and devices display emojis in different ways, this can cause issues sometimes (especially for the cookie monster). Future developers and marketeers will have to consider emojis within their working practises.

Electronic Car Specialist

With the news that new petrol/diesel vehicles will not be sold from 2040, there will be a strong focus on electronic cars. Charging points will hugely increase across the country and your usual day to day mechanic will need to adapt their skills to have a stronger understanding of computers, as the combustion engine will become a thing of the past.

With more and more focus being taken towards renewable energy, power companies will be looking for more effective solutions to generate electricity. You can guarantee that this will be an industry that will create a long list of new vacancies.

These are just a few examples of roles that we think could evolve in the future, we hope you enjoyed reading our predictions.

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