Have you ever wondered what your job would be if you lived in the world of Star Wars? As the long-awaited movie The Force Awakens is released this week, we got to thinking about all the roles available to the characters of these amazing films. Which one is for you? Here’s what those job adverts might look like…

Jedi knight

This is the job many of us would love to have: keeping the galaxy safe from the ruthless Sith Empire. It’s probably not a job for everyone though. Jedis risk their lives every day and need to use creative thinking to get themselves out of tight spots. It goes without saying of course that they should be in peak physical shape and have some kind of skill such as starship piloting or lightsaber combat. Prospective candidates also need to undergo intense training from an early age in order to be true masters of the Force.

Real-world equivalent: Vigilante, UN peacekeeper, ethical entrepreneur

Sith Lord

If you want all the power and the fame, and don’t care how evil you have to be to get it, you should definitely consider becoming a Sith Lord. As evil emperors, Sith Lords get great benefits, which is to say, whatever they want. Spaceship the size of a planet? Unending loyalty of millions of fearful subjects? It’s yours!

In terms of skills and background, you should be able to hold your own in a lightsaber battle, possess powers of persuasion for recruiting Jedis to the dark side, and have a talent for making shocking revelations. A tragic life story also helps your chances of turning evil. Unfortunately (or not), your short-lived rule is likely to come to a violent and abrupt end.

Real-world equivalent: Politician, banker, CEO


It’s probably not that difficult to be a stormtrooper, all told. Their anonymous and disposable nature (scores of them die in each movie, with not even their employers really caring) indicates they’re certainly not of the same calibre as their evil overlords. The ability to shoot straight is also apparently not necessary. It appears there are also technical and administrative roles available, so no combat experience is necessary.

Without wanting to offend any stormtroopers out there, we can confidently say that this is really a job that anyone who can hold an E-11 blaster rifle can do. Just don’t expect great benefits, pay or life expectancy.

Real-world equivalent: Poorly trained soldier, military IT specialist, political intern


If you’re interested in facilitating human-cyborg cooperation, and you were built by a nine -year-old, you could be suited to being a droid. Serving as equal parts diplomat and inadvertent comic relief, you’ll be helping to keep up morale among the rebel fighters. Candidates should be fluent in over six million forms of communication and be willing to pitch in to help save the day on a regular basis.

Real-world equivalent: Translator, diplomat, circus clown

Pod racer

If saving the galaxy isn’t your thing just yet, you could always make a few galactic credits by racing pods on Tatooine. It’s a career to get into early, as there’s no minimum age for racers. However the odds of drifting into a cliff face are worryingly high and this deadly career option is sadly often taken up by those who have little other choice to provide for their families. Having said that there is the potential to become famous throughout the galaxy as the best racers are highly celebrated.

Real-world equivalent: Racing car driver, stunt pilot, daredevil



Real-world equivalent: Teddy bear, yeti, the guy in the office nobody really understands

Which career would you choose if you were in the Star Wars universe? Would you choose the light or dark side? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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