Join a gym. Give up alcohol. Start a budget. Quit smoking. Be polite. Learn something new. Stop procrastinating. Be confident. Write a blog. Travel. Choose your future. Choose your career. Choose a better job search. Choose success.

Maybe you were on the hunt pre-Christmas, maybe you’ve been spurred on by the promise of what the new year has to offer. Whatever the case, January is prime time for jobseekers ready for a fresh start. But is it time you gave your job search a 2018 overhaul? Here are some of our tips to make sure you’re not putting in all the legwork for no reward…

Dust off your CVs

It almost goes without saying that your CV needs to be as up to date as possible. It’s your chance to sell yourself – and you want to sell who you are now, not the you of two years ago. So, dust it off and make sure all the information is correct – we’re talking work experience and contact details at the very least. Think about whether your CV really reflects you as a person too. Who are you? What motivates you? What are your goals? Your CV should answer all these questions.

TIP! If your CV’s feeling particularly out of date, it’s sometimes helpful to start from scratch.

Yes, that’s CVs (with an ‘s’)

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all CV. When you apply for a job, it’s crucial you stand out to the hiring manager or recruiter, who could be receiving a sea of applications daily. Each time you start thinking about applying for a job, have a good long look at the skills and experience the employer is seeking – and make sure you cover those off in your CV. Think about the industry or business you’re applying to work for too –and show you’re genuinely interested. When we love our jobs, we’re passionate about what we do and the sector we work in – so a sure-fire way to impress a hiring manager is to show you share their passion.

TIP! If you haven’t worked within the industry you’re trying to break into, show how your past skills could be adapted.

Be a social butterfly

As a modern world, we’re always banging on about social media, aren’t we? But rightly so. It’s now one of the most useful tools in your jobseeking arsenal. Many businesses use the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to advertise their vacancies and reach out to potential applicants. It’s well worth making sure you’re active on those platforms to really optimise your job search. Follow business that interest you – you never know, they might just post about your perfect job!

Hop on board the job boards

Most major job boards offer you the opportunity to upload your CV to a database. Recruiters often search through them to find suitable candidates for the vacancies they’re looking to fill – ergo, you need to make sure you’re out there and findable! It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your job search going even when you don’t have the time to devote to actively looking yourself.

Be job-timistic

A little optimism goes a long way. Job searching is hard and it can really grind you down. It’s laborious, frustrating and can be all-consuming. Don’t let it demotivate you! There’ll be rejections, there’ll be times – even though there shouldn’t be – when you don’t hear anything back at all. You’ll have interviews that will go well, and others that won’t. There’ll probably be days when you’ll feel like there are no jobs out there for you at all. But perseverance will take you a long way. Keep pushing, keep dreaming.

You got this.

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