As you should know by now Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an Oscar, after being nominated six times he can now go home and put the award in his trophy cabinet, knowing that he has achieved one of his most challenging career goals!

How did Leo manage to stay positive while he was missing out on the previous awards from outstanding pieces of work such as Blood Diamond, The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street over a period of 23 years!  It has to be pretty soul destroying putting 100% of your efforts into a piece of work and it still not being good enough.

We can learn a lot from Leo’s career and achieve our own goals by taking note of these five lessons:

1. Pick the right role

‘I just really love doing what I do. I know every career is fleeting and there will be time periods when I don’t get the opportunities that I’m getting right now, so I’m taking advantage of them.’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has done an exceptional job throughout his career at picking the right roles, which is why it’s so shocking that he hasn’t won an Oscar sooner in his career.  This lesson is a difficult one to learn for any candidate, job opportunities will always seem appealing when you have had a long day and are at your wits end.  In this situation you need to be really careful that you don’t rush into anything, your next job has to align with your career goals and if it doesn’t then you might just be setting yourself back.

You might also have to take risks to achieve your goals, when DiCaprio was 16 years old he told his family that he wanted to quit school and focus on his career, this was a risky move but his family supported him to do so. You might find yourself facing a challenging situation such as a drop in pay for a career move, but if it gets you closer to your long term goal then it will be a necessary risk.

2. Don’t pay attention to the haters

‘The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong roots’ – Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)

There have been a lot of naysayers in Leo’s career that have said that he would never achieve his goal of being awarded an Oscar. You as a candidate should never doubt your skills, if you are working with people that speak badly of you and try to affect your confidence simply ignore them.

Rise above it, then when you do achieve your goals you can feel even smugger about it (just like DiCaprio, when he took his walk to the stage). Sometimes you may not be able to get away from the negativity within your working environment and in this case it’s probably best you start thinking about your next career move, if you feel this is affecting your long term goals.

3. Stay motivated

‘Only you and you alone can change your situation. Don’t blame it on anything or anyone’. – Leonardo DiCaprio

After missing out after being nominated for the Oscars from as early as 1993 you have to give credit to Leo for staying driven to achieve his goal. Leo spends his time when he isn’t filming, with his family and friends as acts like a big ‘kid’ apparently. The lesson that we can learn from this, is that it’s extremely important for even the most focussed, hardworking individuals to take time to unwind. If you spend too much time working you will grow to resent what you do. It has also been proven that taking a well-deserved break will improve your productivity, so when you get back to the grind you will be better then ever.

4. Enjoy what you do

‘I get unhappy doing things that I’m not passionate about’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

It is clear that Leo enjoys his work and is passionate about the end product.

Enjoying your job is really important, you spend roughly a third of your life working, so you should be doing something that you enjoy. If you find that you aren’t enjoying your work then you are not going to be able to produce your best quality work. This is going to prove a hindrance when you are trying to achieve your career goals. Don’t fall into this trap, create more enjoyment in your current job or if this isn’t possible, progress onto a more enjoyable opportunity that is still in line with your aspirations.

5. Stay loyal to your values

 ‘You can either be a vain movie star, or you can try to shed some light on different aspects of the human condition.” (and) “Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

Although Leo’s speech was clearly emotional he still managed to deliver a really strong political statement regarding climate change. DiCaprio, a committed environmental activist said the following in his speech ‘Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship to the natural world. A world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history.’

‘Climate change is real, and it’s happening right now’. This statement has now been broadcast across the globe and millions will be aware of the pressing matter of climate change, all because of Leo’s commitment to his values. As a candidate, if you have strong values, you should work for a company that also shares those same values. By working in harmony with your employer you can achieve the same goal together.

Follow Leo with these steps and in no time you will be ‘the king of the world!’

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