What will help you get employed in 2014?

Many young people have skills and qualifications from their education, but unfortunately still find it hard to begin their professional career. So what is the key to achieving success?

Firstly let’s take a look at what may be going wrong. In a recent study of 500 HR professionals by Barclays Life Skills programme, 43% said that many entry level employees weren’t aware of how long to spend on breaks or how often to take them, plus a growing trend was their lack of awareness to when using a personal mobile phone was appropriate or allowed. Over half of the people surveyed expressed concern over the ability and confidence of younger employees handling clients and customers.Youth-Life-Skills

The same study also surveyed 2000 14-25 year olds and showed that 24% agreed they didn’t know when to use their mobile phone and 25% were uncertain how they should dress and present themselves in the workplace.

Clearly there is a missing link and young people aren’t receiving the career advice they need to help them begin their professional life. So here are the key skills needed to get you on the path to success:

• Organisation –
This is about showing your ability to prioritise, be productive and manage your time. So from the outset make sure you arrive to an interview or work in good time, manage your workload effectively and dress appropriately, even in summer! All these will help showcase your professionalism and organisational skills.

• Communication –
This seems a simple premise but in business, your ability to communicate effectively is essential. It’s as much about understanding another’s point of view as it is about talking and writing in a focused and articulate manner.

• Business Knowledge –
Make sure you know how a company works; understanding the products and services they provide, how they operate and what the focus of the business is can help you secure a job role and ultimately perform better in it.

• Teamwork –
Showing that you can cooperate and work well with others, successfully building positive work relationships to achieve business objectives is a must from a HR perspective.

• Problem Solving –
Being able to find a way of resolving issues, whether it’s looking at a problem logically or from a different angle will help showcase your understanding of the company and what it wants to achieve, as well as your perseverance and ability to work under pressure.

These life skills work best when mixed together. For instance if you build your business knowledge, it will help your confidence in that subject which will in turn help you better communicate, which will ultimately make the team work better.

With these key attributes you will not only be setting yourself on the right career path but they will also give you a strong foundation in which to progress further and who knows, maybe one day you could become the CEO of a multi-national company.

Are there any other skills you feel are essential for young people to know? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and advice.

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