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There are many different ways to conduct recruitment today. From agencies and RPO to specialist online recruiters and in-house teams, all kinds of options are out there, and many employers combine two or more methods. Companies often prefer to use their own team, but is this the best approach?

There’s a lot to be said for keeping certain processes in-house, where you can train up your own experts and maintain closer control over how things are done. But organisations that do this often risk spending more time missing out on the best candidates. An external provider offers all kinds of advantages that an in-house team would struggle to match.


Dedicated recruitment teams have a wealth of experience that they leverage to get their results. When an employer approaches the right online recruitment provider with a vacancy, chances are excellent that they will already have the knowledge to push your vacancy, gained from other placements made in that industry.

Time savings

External recruiters can also save a huge amount of time, as employers get to hand off much of the work while retaining control over scoring and final decisions. When advertising, promotion and screening can be done externally, this frees up time for companies to focus on their core business.

Size of the team

Another point to consider is how large the team can be. A recruitment company will have a large staff of consultants each of whom can specialise in a different field, so they can provide the best expertise whether the role is that of a warehouse operative or a national sales manager. It would be difficult to build an in-house team with such a wide range of specialties as this would be a very large team, probably without enough work to go around.

Candidate reach

Outside services will have job slots with many relevant job boards and press outlets. Online recruiters also have a huge bank of candidates who have previously applied for work that can be drawn on for new positions at the same level and industry. On the other hand an in-house team’s bank may be smaller but will be focused as it is made up of people who have already expressed interest in working for the company.

Candidate experience

Applicants want to get a good experience from submitting their application, rather than be made to feel that they aren’t connecting with the company. The personal touch can be given in all kinds of ways, from transparency and openness through to the design of the online candidate portal.

In this respect, outside providers are playing catch up, mostly because they deal with many different clients who have many different ideas about what the candidate experience means. Additionally, outside providers often act as ‘go-betweens’ not being heavily involved in the actual decision process.

However more and more recruiters are waking up to the importance of the candidate experience – after all, if they don’t, the best applicants will go elsewhere.

So can you build a great recruitment team in-house? If this is the solution that is working well already then by all means this should continue. However it is the exception rather than the rule that an in-house team can match external providers on every criterion – from coverage to cost to quality, retention, time to hire and more. For this reason, even very major, well-connected brands choose to look outside their company for much or all of their recruitment.

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