An innovative recruitment technology solution is an essential tool for any recruitment manager – however, there are many other options on the market so how can you tell if you are getting the most out of your technology solution?

Modern recruitment technology can be intuitive and making the recruitment process straight forward, keeping all parties updated whilst giving the candidates an enjoyable experience throughout the hiring process. Is your current solution offering everything that you need?

In this blog, we will be discussing how your recruitment software should be working harder to make your job easier. We will be discussing modern features which could be simply integrated into your processes, through your technology solution.

Vacancy Requisition

Requesting approval for a vacancy can be a disorganised and time consuming task. Your technology should be doing all the legwork for you around this process.

Vacancy requisition provides a centralised, online process enabling hiring managers to request authorisation to recruit for any role. This process allows managers to submit a role for approval through an authorisation chain. The authorisation chain is driven by a set business structure. HR staff see a full overview of the requisition process so that they can track the progress of their vacancy requisition.

By starting this process within your recruitment technology, the HR manager can easily oversee the approval process and the system will provide all parties with real-time data.

Candidate Self Booking Interviews

Booking interviews can be a pain, especially when hiring for a range of roles. A much simpler way of working would be to allocate a range of dates when you are available, then allow the candidates to choose when to book themselves in an interview.

You don’t need to spend hours calling and leaving voicemails while scribbling names and times into a diary – make your tech do the work!

Build a Talent Pool

When you have hundreds of candidates applying on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you want your recruitment system to organise and file all this talent for you?

A healthy talent pool is an essential tool for any recruiter to have. Having a dedicated recruitment system will enable you to gather all your application data It’s important to also make sure that your software provider has, in writing, within their terms and conditions that you ‘the client’ own all the application data. After all, it would be pointless building a talent pool if you can’t make contact with anyone on it.

The more candidate applications you receive, the larger your talent pool will become. You will be able to build it up over time and dip into talent whenever the need arises. Boolean searching is a standard feature of a talent pool, you will be able to crawl all the keywords within candidates CV’s and utilise different terms to find a suitable match.

Socially Share your Vacancies

You can’t ignore the influence that social media has had on recruitment, it is an easy and accessible way to share vacancies and target a dedicated audience.

Recruiters should be utilising social media as a part of their strategy and it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. All good recruitment software solutions should provide the HR users and candidates with options to share and engage with their vacancies.

Octo, Blue Octopus’ recruitment software solution offers a feature called the ‘Social Hub’.

With the ‘Social Hub’ you can post updates to your company Twitter and Facebook accounts on a scheduled basis, alerting followers to the job vacancies offered. Three posts are offered; by default, these are associated with the beginning, midpoint and shortly before the end of the application period. The schedule can be customised to your preference, as can the exact text of the updates. You are also able to easily share the vacancy to your personal social media accounts, at any

time, throughout the campaign by simply using the ‘Post’ button on the relevant social media icon.

At Blue Octopus, our recruitment technology ‘Octo’ has an outstanding range of  features which work extremely hard to achieve your recruitment goals. If you feel that your recruitment technology isn’t working hard enough, please contact us for a demo of Octo to see what we can offer you!

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