We are pleased to announce the completion of yet another careers microsite, after successfully working with the National Pharmacy Association, streamlining their hiring process and candidate experience.

Blue Octopus and NPA have been working in partnership since May 2016, when the National Pharmacy Association became Blue Octopus’ largest pharmaceutical client. During this period, the partnership has seen 35 campaigns go live.

Having advertised for roles ranging from Head of Marketing £60k – £70k to Facilities and Administration Assistant £15k – £20k, Blue Octopus Recruitment has been on hand throughout the recruitment process via client interaction, copywriting of job adverts, CV searching, booking of interviews all the way through to candidate offers.

Listening to the requirements of the National Pharmacy Association, Blue Octopus Recruitment has been developing the fully responsive careers microsite, tailored to their client’s needs. The careers site has been created to promote the NPA recruitment brand and attract a wider range of passive candidates from the search engines.

Supporting the careers site is an Octo FirstClass recruitment system which is fully branded to the NPA to ensure that the candidate experience remains consistent through the application process.

The NPA Octo FirstClass system has had the following, advanced features enabled to streamline the hiring processes in their business.

– Vacancy requisition: Vacancy requisition provides a centralised, online process for hiring managers to request authorisation to recruit for any role. This process allows managers to submit a role for approval through an authorisation chain. The authorisation chain is driven by a set business structure.

HR staff see a full overview of the requisition process so that they can track the progress of the vacancy requisition.

– Vacancy Library Items: Vacancy Templates allow users to create a directory of frequently recruited vacancies saving you valuable time when posting a role.

– Talent Pool (Boolean CV Searching): Search your talent pool with increased reach and quality. The CV Boolean searching will crawl all the keywords within the candidates CV. The advanced search also displays an icon which indicates how active a candidate has been, which can prove very helpful when approaching talent.

– Talent Folders: It can be difficult continuously searching for talent, so make it easier! With Talent Folders, you have the ability to build your own directories of high-quality candidates to approach for relevant roles.

– Agency Management: With the agency management, you can add third-party agencies, job boards and more, to centralise and track all your recruitment across all channels.

Daniel Briggs, Head of Marketing at Blue Octopus had the following to say – ‘I’m really pleased that we can add the National Pharmacy Association to the ever-growing list of careers sites in our portfolio, it’s a great brand!’

To see the National Pharmacy Association careers site and apply for roles, visit: http://www.npacareers.co.uk

If you feel that your company could benefit from a bespoke careers site or would like a free demo of our Octo recruitment technology, then please contact us here and one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your recruitment requirements it with you.

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