Recruitment technologyWhile your business is built more and more on the latest technological trends, there’s a good chance that your recruitment procedures are falling behind.

Many HR departments lack the tools to make easy work out of hiring procedures. Instead they opt to go through the arduous procedure of putting out advertisements, receiving them, comparing candidates, arranging interviews and any number of other tasks – without the proper means to do so.

This means that hiring often takes up more time and money than it should, resulting in corners being cut and you missing out on the best talent.

So what advantages can candidate management systems and HR recruitment technology bring to your business?

With the time you save on the process of scoring and comparing candidates, you can instead divert time and resources to a better understanding of each role, craft better advertisements and consider more candidates.

Something else to keep in mind is that you are not only choosing candidates for a role in your organisation – but that they are choosing you. Job hunters have certain sets of criteria in mind when they visit a recruitment page, and it’s all too easy to turn them off the idea of applying for a vacancy within your company.

According to statistics from the Blue Octopus website, the number of users finding us from a smartphone has increased by 88.64% for the first quarter compared to the same time period last year, and the number of hits from tablets for the same time periods has more than doubled. So factors such as mobile accessibility are clearly important going forward for recruitment technology.

This means if you’ve no recruitment technology in place, or even if you do and it’s not good enough, there’s an excellent chance that prospective employees are being turned away from your organisation.

HR is among the last working environments to embrace technology as it should, but the transition is happening and your employees and candidates alike are quickly coming to expect the increased efficiency, operability and accessibility that online recruitment technology brings.

We want to hear from HR and recruitment professionals out there – what do you find most useful in terms of recruitment technology?

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