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Many companies including LinkedIn are reporting that over 50% of their users are from mobile devices – though Blue Octopus aren’t quite at these figures yet, as currently mobiles and tablets make up about 35% of our website traffic. Having said that, the Blue Octopus website has seen almost a 40% increase in mobile traffic when measured against the same period from last year (January – July 2014 / 2015). With a worldwide population of 7.2 billion and with over 3.65 billion unique mobile users, it’s clear what direction internet device usage is going. So if your careers site isn’t designed to cater to this audience then you could be missing out on up to 50% of your target audience!

The benefits are clear; here are five reasons why you need a responsive careers site:

1. Attract more candidates

If your careers site is responsive then more candidates will see your vacancies, the more candidates that see your vacancies, the more applications you’ll receive. It’s as simple as that!

2. Increase your website rank

Google has recently launched an algorithm update (known as Panda) that ranks pages that are mobile friendly higher then pages that aren’t.

3. Improve your candidate experience

If your candidates are positive about your website’s user experience then this is going to reflect well on your brand, the candidate will spread the word about the great experience they had and this could attract more candidates.

4. Make your vacancies more shareable on social media

Nearly all smartphones have the users social media details saved, this makes sharing vacancies much easier on all the social platforms.

5. Engage passive candidates

As the Google algorithm will favour your fancy mobile careers site you will have an advantage on most other sites, make sure that you have an SEO strategy in place and target industry terms that you’re ideal candidates will be searching – then you should be able to gain traffic to your site from keyword referrals.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is that your website is accessible to as many of your potential candidates as possible. It’s not enough to just to build a basic careers site and put it out there, as your mobile users might not necessarily be able to access it. A poor user experience will reflect badly on your brand and also leave your candidates frustrated as they won’t be able to apply for your roles.

Careers sites still need to be optimised for mobile even if your candidates can’t apply for roles, they will be able to read about the vacancy and then apply from a desktop at a convenient time. They also need to be easily accessible on any one of the many kinds of devices that a visitor might make use of. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even devices that are bit more out there, like fridges and games consoles.

One solution would be to build a new version of a site for every device, but this would take a lot of time to do and also be extremely difficult to manage – for example if you want to make a change on one of the sites then will have to do it on all of them. How many versions of your site will you have to create, build, test and then continually manage? You’d imagine that this could be a real headache; just stick to the one responsive design.

Responsive web design involves creating a website that automatically resizes itself to the width of the screen used to view it. A website will do this through scaling to set percentages. When you view the website on a large desktop screen, you might get columns, sidebars, navigation bars and other horizontal page features along the width of the screen. Visit the same page on a mobile phone however, and you’ll find these elements stack vertically instead for a more comfortable reading experience. You might also find that some of the more detailed content has been removed as it is not applicable to show everything to a user reading on a screen that’s only a few inches wide.

So have I convinced you? If you do see the benefits of having a fully responsive careers site, Blue Octopus offer an outstanding service and would be happy to assist. Say hello at

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